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Operation München
Part of the Eastern Front of World War II
Romanian cavalryman escorting Soviet prisoners
Date July 2 to July 24, 1941
Location Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina
Result Axis Victory
Flag of the Soviet Union 1923.svg Soviet Union Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Flag of Germany 1933.svg Germany
Flag of the Soviet Union 1923.svg I. V. Tiulenev
Flag of the Soviet Union 1923.svg P. G. Ponedelin
Flag of the Soviet Union 1923.svg T. Cherevichenko
Flag of Romania.svg Nicolae Ciuperca
Flag of Romania.svg Petre Dumitrescu
Flag of Germany 1933.svg Eugen Ritter von Schobert
Flag of the Soviet Union 1923.svg 364,700 troops
1,750 aircraft
Flag of Romania.svg 325,685 troops, 672 aircraft
Flag of Germany 1933.svg 5 divisions, 420 aircraft
Casualties and losses
Total: 17,893
8,519 killed/missing, 9,374 wounded
Total: 22,765
4,271 killed, 12,326 wounded, 6,168 missing

Operation München was the codename of a joint German-Romanian offensive in World War II, with the primary objective of re-capturing Bessarabia, ceded by Romania to the Soviet Union a year before. The operation concluded successfully after 24 days of fighting.




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