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During World War II, the Germans planned two discrete operations using the codename Margarethe.

Operation Margarethe I was the occupation of Hungary by German forces on 19 March 1944. The Hungarian government was an ally of Nazi Germany, but had been discussing an armistice with the Allies. German dictator Adolf Hitler found out about these discussions and, feeling betrayed by the Hungarians, ordered German troops to implement Operation Margarethe to capture critical Hungarian facilities.

Hungary's leader, Admiral Miklós Horthy, was invited by Hitler to the palace of Klessheim, outside of Salzburg, Austria. While they conducted their negotiations, Hungary was quietly overrun by German forces. The occupation was a complete surprise and resulted in it being quick and bloodless. According to some German memoirs, the invading Germans were greeted with flowers. This was probably only true in localities inhabited by ethnic Germans. This invasion was remembered by many of the German invaders as their last war with flowers (Blumenkrieg).

Operation Margarethe II was the planned German invasion of Romania should the Romanian government decide to surrender to the Soviets. The Romanians did surrender in 1944, but Operation Margarethe II was never implemented.

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