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Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, commonly known as The Official Opposition, in Australia fulfils the same function as the official opposition in other Commonwealth of Nations monarchies. It is seen as the alternative government and the existing administration's main opponent at a general election. By convention, the Opposition Leader comes from the House of Representatives, as does the deputy, although the Government and Opposition will also both have leaders in the Senate.

It is styled as "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition" to show that, although the group may be against the sitting government, it remains loyal to the Crown (the embodiment of the Australian state), and thus to Australia.

The present Opposition at a Federal level is the centre-right Coalition, which is led by Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia. In every state but Western Australia, the Opposition Leader is leader of the local affiliate of the Liberal Party of Australia (including the Liberal National Party of Queensland)

The Opposition at the level of the States and Territories are:

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