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Brain: Optic tract
The left optic nerve and the optic tracts.
Latin tractus opticus
Gray's subject #189 814
Part of Visual system
NeuroNames hier-443
NeuroLex ID birnlex_1684

The optic tract is a part of the visual system in the brain.

It is a continuation of the optic nerve and runs from the optic chiasm (where half of the information from each eye crosses sides, and half stays on the same side) to the lateral geniculate nucleus.

Right vs. left

The relationships of the retinal fibers to the optic tracts are as follows:

optic tract temporal retinal fibers nasal retinal fiber
right optic tract from the right eye from the left eye
left optic tract from the left eye from the right eye


A lesion in the left optic tract will cause right-sided homonomous hemianopsia.

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