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Optomechanics involves the manufacture and maintenance of optical parts and devices.

A typical Porro prism binocular design showing the arrangement of lenses in the optical train and the line of sight.
Galilean binoculars

Tasks performed involve:

  • production of optomechanical parts
  • Design and packaging of compact and rugged optical trains
  • opto-mechanical design and integration with exterior package
  • manufacture and maintenance of fiber optic materials

Optomechanic products include[1]:

  • Mirror Mounts
  • Optical Mounts
  • Translation Stages
  • Rotary and Kinematic Stages
  • Fiber Aligners
  • Rails
  • Pedestals and Posts
  • Micrometers, Screws and Screw Sets


Opticmechanics deals with the production of precision optical parts

Tasks performed involve:

  • Grind, polish and surface lenses and optic crystals.
  • repair and service the lenses of binoculars, telescopes and other scientific optical equipment

Both opto and optic mechanics are generally studied together.



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