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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
In story information
Type Planet
Notable people Princess Projectra
Notable races Orandans

Orando is a fictional planet in the DC Universe. It is the home planet of Princess Projectra of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Pre-Zero Hour, it was a planet with technology about on par with Medieval earth, and where the practice of magic was common. The planet was ruled by Projectra's father, King Voxx. Despite being heir to the throne, Projectra joined the Legion and was not often on Orando. When she decided to marry Karate Kid (comics), a commoner, Voxx sent him on a challenge to the past, to earth in the 20th century (this was the basis of the short-lived Karate Kid comic book). Having proved himself, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra were wed. Soon after, however, Voxx died and Projectra's cousin attempted to seize the throne. With the aid of the Legion, Projectra was able to ascend to the throne with Karate Kid as her royal consort. They both retired from the Legion to focus on Orando.

Their harmony was short-lived however, as the Legion of Super-Villains chose Orando as their base for a scheme of revenge against the Legion of Super-Heroes. They seized control of the planet and used Projectra and Karate Kid to lure the rest of the Legion to Orando, which they then shunted into another dimension. Karate Kid died in an attempt to save Orando. The Legion of Super-Villains were defeated, but Orando remained in its alternate dimension, cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

After the Zero Hour reboot, it retroactively became a world populated by sentient snakes and raccoons.

After Mark Waid rebooted Legion of Super-heroes in 2005, the planet was once again the home planet of Princess Projectra, and was known to be the richest planet in the universe. The planet was destroyed by the villainous team Terra Firma in Legion Of Super-Heroes v5 #6, possibly leaving Projectra as the last Orandan. Whether or not any other Orandans were off-planet at the time of the destruction has not yet been revealed.

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