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OrcaFlex is a "non linear time domain, finite element software program principally used for the static and dynamic modelling of systems used in offshore construction environment, including marine risers of the flexible and rigid types, mooring systems and towed array's"

Produced by Orcina it is able to run on any PC compatible computer that has Windows 2000, XP or Vista The program uses Lines, 6D Buoys, 3D Buoys, Vessels, Tethers, Winches, links whch you can add into an offshore environment. The main physical elements of the items can be modelled.

Environmental effects such as the Seabed profile, different types of Wave specrums, Wind and currents can be applied to the model. Initially the Model performs a Static calculation, and assuming the model has been made following the correct practice it should converge, which yields a static condition *.dat file that can be used in design.

The next level of the simulation is to run a dynamic simulation, which yields a *.Sim file

From the Sim file you are able to produce graphs giving dynamic information on Forces, Spatial Positions, Accelerations and Velocity, Dynamic response, and other important values needed to enable greater engineering insight to be gained about the component's being modelled. VIV Vortex induced vibration can also be modelled using additional software modules.

It is possible to import shaded 3D Graphic shape files, to increase the visual impact of the simulations.

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1. OrcaFlex manual



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