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The Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spanish: Orden de Isabel la Católica) is a Spanish civil order granted in recognition of services that benefit the country. The Order is not exclusive to Spaniards, and many foreigners have been awarded it.

The Order was created on March 14, 1815 by King Ferdinand VII of Spain in honor of Queen Isabella with the name of "Royal and American Order of Isabella the Catholic"[1] with the intent of "rewarding the firm allegiance to Spain and the merits of Spanish citizens and foreigners in good standing with the Nation and especially in those exceptional services provided in pursuit of territories in America and overseas."[2] The Order was reorganized by Royal Decree on July 26, 1847, as the modern "Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic" with a broader focus.


Commanders and ranks

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The King of Spain (currently Juan Carlos I) is Grand Master of the Order. The Chancellor of the Order is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. All deeds granting decorations of the Order must bear the signatures of both. Beneath these two, there are several grades: Knight, Commander, Commander by Number, Grand Officer, Grand Cross, Grand Cross with Collar, and Silver Cross. There is also both the Silver and the Bronze Medal of Isabella the Catholic, the most recently added decorations. The Medal was created by Royal Decree in 1998 to award those who have aided in international relations involving Spain.

Order Decoration

The decoration is a red-enameled cross, with a golden frame. The outer peaks are fitted with small gold balls. The center of the medallion contains the inscription "A La Lealtad Acrisolada" (To Proven Loyalty) and "Por Isabel la Católica" (For Isabella the Catholic) on white enamel. Above the cross is a green enameled laurel wreath with the band ring.

The ribbon is yellow with a white central stripe.[3]

Notable members

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