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The following list shows different orders of magnitude of force.

Since weight under gravity is a force - several of these examples refer to the weight of various objects. Unless otherwise stated, these are weights under average Earth gravity at sea level.


Below 1 N

Factor (N) Value Item
micronewton (μN)
1-150 μN Output of FEEP ion thrusters used in NASA's Laser Interferometer Space Antenna [2]
millinewton (mN)
24.5 mN Maximum weight of a mosquito
92 mN Thrust of the NSTAR Ion Engine tested on NASA's space probe Deep Space 1

1 N and above

Magnitude Value Item
newton (N) 1 N The weight of an average apple[1][2]
10 N 9.80665 N One kilogram-force, nominal weight of a 1 kg object at sea level on Earth
102 N 720 N Average force of human bite, measured at molars [3]
103 N
1 kilonewton (kN)
8 kN The maximum force achieved by weight lifters during a 'clean and jerk' lift. [4]
104 N 45 kN The force applied by the engine of a small car during peak acceleration [5]
105 N (100 kN) The average force applied by seatbelt and airbag to a restrained passenger in a car which hits a stationary barrier at 100 km/h [6]
106 N
meganewton (MN)
1.8 MN Thrust of Space Shuttle main engine at lift-off
107 N 34.02 MN Thrust of Saturn V rocket at lift-off
108 N 570 MN Simplistic estimate of force of sunlight on Earth [7]
109 N
1 giganewton (GN)
1020 N 1.98 × 1020 N Gravitational attraction between Earth and Moon [8]
1022 N 3.5 × 1022 N Gravitational attraction between Earth and Sun [9]
1044 N 1.21027 × 1044 N The Planck force
Orders of magnitude
area angular velocity charge currency data density energy
force frequency length magnetic field mass numbers power
pressure specific energy density specific heat capacity speed temperature time volume
Conversion of units
physical unit SI SI base unit SI derived unit SI prefix Planck units


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