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Oregon House of Representatives
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower house
Speaker Dave Hunt, (D)
since 12 January 2009
Majority Leader Mary Nolan, (D)
since 2008
Members 60
Political groups Democratic Party
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
Oregon State Capitol, Salem

The Oregon House of Representatives is the lower house of the Oregon Legislative Assembly. There are 60 members of the House, representing 60 districts across the state, each with a population of 57,000. The House meets at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem.

Members of the House serve two-year terms without term limits. In 2002, the Oregon Supreme Court struck down the decade-old law, Oregon Ballot Measure 3 (1992), that had restricted State Representatives to 3 terms (six years) on procedural grounds.[1]

The current Speaker of the House is Democrat Dave Hunt of Gladstone.[2]


2006 election results

In the 2006 elections, Democrats took control of the House for the first time since 1990. The Democratic majority for the 74th legislative session is by the slimmest of margins: 31-29.

Party Votes Seats Loss/Gain Share of Vote (%)
  Democratic 664,422 31 +4 52.5
  Republican 564,592 29 -4 44.6
  Libertarian Party of Oregon 15,943 0 0 1.2
  Constitution Party of Oregon 7,786 0 0 .61
  Pacific Green Party 5,188 0 0 .41
Write In/Others 5,918 0 0 .46
Total 1,263,849 60 4 100.0%

Composition of the Oregon House of Representatives:

Affiliation 2004
  Democratic Party 27 31 +4
  Republican Party 33 29 -4

2008 election results

In the 2008 elections, Democrats obtained 3/5 supermajority control of the Oregon House of Representatives. The Democratic majority for the 75th legislative session is 36-24.

Party Votes Seats Loss/Gain Share of Vote (%)
  Democratic 853,609 36 +5 59.1
  Republican 554,030 24 -5 38.4
  Libertarian Party of Oregon 5,379 0 0 0.3
  Constitution Party of Oregon 673 0 0 0.05
  Pacific Green Party 4,071 0 0 .3
  Independent Party of Oregon 26,529 0 0 1.8
Write In/Others 0 0
Total 1,444,291 60 5 100.0%


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 31 29 60 0
Begin 36 24 60 0
Latest voting share 60% 40%

Representatives of the 2009 Legislative Session

Leadership Teams

The offices of Speaker and Speaker Pro Tem were elected when the full chamber convened in January 2009, however other leadership positions were elected by the Democratic and Republican caucuses. The Democrats, who have a majority of 36 members, designated candidates for Speaker and Speaker Pro Tem.

Dave Hunt (D-40 Gladstone)
Speaker Pro Tem
Arnie Roblan (D-9 Coos Bay)
Majority Leader
Mary Nolan (D-36 Portland)
Co-Chair of Joint Ways and Means Committee
Peter Buckley (D-5 Ashland)
Majority Whip
Tina Kotek (D-44 Portland)
Deputy Majority Whip
Tobias Read (D-27 Garden Home)
Republican Minority Leader
Bruce Hanna (R-7 Roseburg)
Deputy Republican Leader
Kevin Cameron (R-19 Salem)
Republican Whip
Ron Maurer (R-3 Grants Pass)
Deputy Republican Whip
District Name Party
1-Gold Beach Wayne Krieger Republican
2-Roseburg Tim Freeman Republican
3-Grants Pass Ron Maurer Republican
4-Central Point Dennis Richardson Republican
5-Ashland Peter Buckley Democratic
6-Medford Sal Esquivel Republican
7-Roseburg Bruce Hanna Republican
8-Eugene Paul Holvey Democratic
9-Coos Bay Arnie Roblan Democratic
10-Newport Jean Cowan Democratic
11-Central Linn/Lane Phil Barnhart Democratic
12-Springfield Elizabeth Terry Beyer Democratic
13-Eugene Nancy Nathanson Democratic
14-Eugene Val Hoyle[3] Democratic
15-Albany Andy Olson Republican
16-Corvallis Sara Gelser Democratic
17-Scio Sherrie Sprenger Republican
18-Silverton Vic Gilliam Republican
19-Salem Kevin Cameron Republican
20-Salem Vicki Berger Republican
21-Salem Brian L. Clem Democratic
22-Woodburn Betty Komp Democratic
23-Dallas Jim Thompson Republican
24-McMinnville Jim Weidner Republican
25-Keizer Kim Thatcher Republican
26-Wilsonville Matt Wingard Republican
27-Garden Home Tobias Read Democratic
28-Aloha Jeff Barker Democratic
29-Hillsboro Chuck Riley Democratic
30-Hillsboro David Edwards Democratic
31-Clatskanie Brad Witt Democratic
32-Cannon Beach Deborah Boone Democratic
33-Portland Mitch Greenlick Democratic
34-Beaverton Chris Harker Democratic
35-Tigard Larry Galizio Democratic
36-Portland Mary Nolan Democratic
37-West Linn Scott Bruun Republican
38-Lake Oswego Chris Garrett Democratic
39-Oregon City Bill Kennemer Republican
40-Gladstone Dave Hunt Democratic
41-Milwaukie Carolyn Tomei Democratic
42-Portland Jules Bailey Democratic
43-Portland Chip Shields Democratic
44-Portland Tina Kotek Democratic
45-Portland Michael Dembrow Democratic
46-Portland Ben Cannon Democratic
47-Portland Jefferson Smith Democratic
48-Happy Valley Mike Schaufler Democratic
49-East Multnomah County Nick Kahl Democratic
50-Gresham Greg Matthews Democratic
51-Clackamas Brent Barton Democratic
52-Hood River Suzanne VanOrman Democratic
53-Sunriver Gene Whisnant Republican
54-Bend Judy Stiegler Democratic
55-Medford George Gilman Republican
56-Klamath Falls Bill Garrard Republican
57-Heppner Greg Smith Republican
58-Pendleton Bob Jenson Republican
59-The Dalles John Huffman Republican
60-Ontario Cliff Bentz Republican

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