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The Oregon Vortex is a roadside attraction located in Gold Hill, Oregon, in the United States. It consists of a number of interesting effects which skeptics believe to be optical illusions, but which the attraction's proprietors claim are the result of paranormal properties of the area (see gravity hill). It is located at 42°29′35″N 123°05′06″W / 42.49313°N 123.085113°W / 42.49313; -123.085113Coordinates: 42°29′35″N 123°05′06″W / 42.49313°N 123.085113°W / 42.49313; -123.085113.


According to local legend, a gold assay office built in the area in 1890 slid from its foundation, coming to rest at an odd angle. Odd angles create an illusion of objects seemingly rolling uphill. The same optical illusion can be seen in Pennsylvania's Laurel Caverns and at Santa Cruz, California's Mystery Spot. Oregon Vortex is also famous for "height change" illusion as the relative height of the two people changes depending on where they stand.[1]. This effect happens due to a distorted background which results in a forced perspective, as with an Ames room.[2]. It should be noted, however, that photographs published at the official website of the attraction appear to demonstrate the same apparent height anomaly even when the potentially confusing perspectives of the background are removed.


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