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HQ of OPCW in The Hague

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is an international agency, located in The Hague, The Netherlands. Its mission is to promote membership of the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty which entered into force in 1997 and mandated the elimination of "the scourge of chemical weapons forever and to verify the destruction of the declared chemical weapons stockpiles within stipulated deadlines."[1] It organises inspection procedures to verify compliance with the treaty, and provides technical support to countries who have inherited a legacy of chemical weapons stockpiles from previous governments.

On 7 September 2000 the OPCW and the United Nations signed a cooperation agreement outlining how they were to coordinate their activities.[1]

The sacking of the Director-General in 2002

From its formation in 1997 the Director-General of the OPCW was José Bustani. He was unanimously re-elected in 2000, a year early.[2] In 2002, however, the United States government sought his removal from office before his second term had expired,[2] on grounds of financial mismanagement.[3] On 21 April 2002, a special session was called at which Jose Bustani was voted out of office by 48 votes to 7, with 43 abstentions.[4] The following year the International Labour Organization found that Bustani's removal constituted "an unacceptable violation of the principles on which international organisations' activities are founded ..., by rendering officials vulnerable to pressures and to political change." Bustani was awarded €50,000 in moral damages, his pay for the remainder of his second term, and his legal costs.[3]


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