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Rede Globo
Type Private
Founded 1925
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro
Area served Worldwide
Key people Roberto Marinho
Industry Media
Products Music
Online Business
Revenue R$ 8.4 billion (2008) 14%
Logo of Rede Globo, the group's largest company.
Headquarters in São Paulo.
Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

Organizações Globo (English: Globo Organization) is the largest media conglomerate of Latin America[1], founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 1925 by Irineu Marinho. It also owns companies on the food industry and the real estate and financial markets.

The first enterprise of the company was the newspaper A Noite, founded by Irineu. With the success of the newspaper, published on the late afternoon, he decided to launch the morning daily O Globo on 1925. After the sudden death of Irineu just weeks after the launch of O Globo, his son Roberto Marinho became the director of the company. Working actively on the media business, Roberto decided to invest in other areas and launched Rádio Globo on 1944. However, the company only became recognizable nationwide after the launching of Rede Globo, the world's fourth largest TV network, on 1965. Today the company is run by Roberto Irineu Marinho, João Roberto Marinho, and José Roberto Marinho, the three sons of Roberto.



Television production centers

Television channels

1 - It is a joint-venture with 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures.

2 - It is a joint-venture with NBC Universal. Half of the shares belongs to Organizações Globo.

3 - Playboy do Brasil is a joint-venture created from the association between Globosat and Playboy TV Latin America.

International Correspondents of Network Globo International Television

Satellite and cable TV

Radio stations

  • Web-radios
    • GNT FM
    • Multishow FM
    • SporTV Music
  • Corporate Radios
    • Rádio Werner
    • Rádio Sabrico One
    • Rádio 1 Rio
  • Audio channels of SKY Brasil and NET
    • Beats FM
    • Bossa Nova FM
    • Crossroads FM
    • FM Arrasta Pé
    • FM Plugada
    • Hip Radio Hop
    • Jazzy FM
    • Latina FM
    • Lounge FM
    • Masters FM
    • Parada Popular
    • Pop Hits FM
    • Radio Rock Heroes
    • Radio Saloon
    • Radio Soul Connection
    • Radio The 60s
    • Radio The 70s
    • Radio The 80s
    • Rodeio FM
    • Rádio Blue Note
    • Rádio Dancing Days
    • Rádio Fama
    • Rádio Irada
    • Rádio Motel
    • Rádio Perfil
    • Rádio Playground
    • Rádio Raiz
    • Rádio Rasta
    • Rádio Som do Galerão
    • Rádio Só Brasil
    • Rádio Teletema
    • Rádio Trio Elétrico
    • Som Livre Apresenta
    • The Lord FM
    • Top FM
    • Trilha FM


  • Infoglobo

Internet pages

    • 8P
    • Baixatudo
    • Blogger Brasil
    • BlogLog
    • EGO
    • G1
    • Globo News
    • Globo Online
    • Globo Video Chat
    • Globo Vídeos
    • Globolog
    • Globomail
    • Globovox
    • Kit Net
    • Memória Globo
    • Paparazzo
    • Zap (50%)
    • Zoom
    • Extra OnLine
    • Texto Digital
    • Globo Shopping
    • Buzz
    • Namoro na Web
    • BemStar


  • Editora Globo
    • Revista Época
    • Revista Época São Paulo
    • Revista Época Negócios
    • Galileu
    • Auto Esporte
    • Casa & Jardim
    • Crescer
    • Criativa
    • Globo Rural
    • Marie Claire
    • Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios
    • Quem
    • Quem Acontece
    • Revista Fantástico
    • Monet

Custom Magazines

Comic Books


Music label

Cinema and home video



  • Zap
    • Zap Autos
    • Zap Imóveis
    • Zap Empregos
  • Classificados O Globo


  • Globo Jogos
  • Premiere Games

Television production company

  • Endemol Globo

Real estate agency

  • Imobiliária RoMa

Food industry

  • Inbasa


  • Globo Marcas
  • Loja Globo Marcas
  • Memória Globo
  • Globo Esportes
  • Globo Empresas
  • Globo Promoções
  • Globo Celular

Companies that belonged to the Organizações Globo

  • Globo Cochrane
  • SIC Portugal
  • Shoptime
  • Segunda Roma
  • Teletrin
  • Vicon
  • Nec do Brasil
  • Banco ABC Roma
  • Telemontecarlo
  • Globotec
  • São Marco Empreendimentos
  • Premiere Rural
  • Canal Rural
  • Premiere Filmes

Countries with coverage of Globo International (since 1999-)

Continent Number of countries
Africa 23
Americas 22
Asia 21
Europe 42
Oceania 2
Total 110

North America

Central America

South America






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