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Organized incorporated territories are those territories of the United States that are both incorporated (part of the United States proper) and organized (having an organized government authorized by an Organic Act passed by the U.S. Congress). Through most of U.S. history, regions that were admitted as U.S. states were, prior to admission, territories of this kind.

Currently the only incorporated territory of the U.S. is Palmyra Atoll, which also happens to be unorganized. The District of Columbia is functionally similar to an incorporated territory, being fully a part of the United States as a non-state, but is classified separately as it was established under the unique constitutional provision for a federal capital rather than through Congressional authority over federal territory generally. All other current U.S. territories are unincorporated (meaning that they are not fully part of the United States, with all aspects of the United States Constitution applying automatically), while other former incorporated territories are now states.


List of organized incorporated territories

The following territories within the United States were officially organized by Congress with an Organic Act on the first date listed. Each was admitted as a U.S. state (of the same name, except where noted) on the second date listed. Often, outlying portions of a territory were not included in the new state.

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