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The Orthodox Church of Greece, Holy Synod in Resistance, is a traditionalist Greek Orthodox jurisdiction following the traditional (Julian or Old) church calendar. They are separated from the Church of Greece, considering it to be in error since its adoption of the secular (New or Revised Julian Calendar) calendar in 1924. Its beliefs and customs are in uniformity with those of all Eastern Orthodox Churches. It is opposed to the ecumenical movement on the grounds that ecumenism is a violation of Church teaching regarding the primacy of the Orthodox Church, though it expresses strong support for religious toleration. It does not deny that New Calendarist bodies or Orthodox involved in the ecumenical movement are with Grace, as do the other Old Calendarists in Greece, but considers them to be ailing and in error. It does not maintain communion with the New Calendarists and ecumenists. This church is in communion with the Old Calendar Orthodox Churches of Bulgaria and Romania and that part of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia which did not unite with the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, in May of 2007, forming a coalition of nearly one million traditionalist Orthodox Christians. The current Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Holy Synod in Resistance, is Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and Fili (since 1986). Its hierarchy is distinguished by their theological education and publishing activities. The New Calendarist Orthodox Churches often refer to the Old Calendarists as being in schism. The Synod in Resistance describes itself as "walled off" from the New Calendarists and the "right-believing flock" within the ailing Churches. It does not appear to be hostile in its relationships with these Churches.

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