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Coordinates: 35°42′40″N 139°48′48″E / 35.7110°N 139.8133°E / 35.7110; 139.8133

Station entrance with four train companies' logo marks on signage

Oshiage Station (押上駅 Oshiage-eki) is a train station located at the Oshiage-eki-mae intersection of Metropolitan Routes 453 and 465 (Asakusa-dōri and Yotsume-dōri respectively) in Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. Its station numbers are A 20 (Toei Asakusa Line) and Z 14 (Hanzōmon Line).

It is adjacent to the site for the Tokyo Sky Tree.


The station opened on November 3, 1912 as the terminus of the original Keisei Railway from what is now Edogawa station on the Main Line. On December 1, 1960 it was replaced by a new station underground in preparation for through services to Toei Line 1, which opened three days later. (Line 1 was christened the Asakusa Line on July 1, 1978.) In 1989 a passagaway opened to Narihirabashi Station, but this was closed when the Eidan/Tōbu platforms opened on March 19, 2003. (Eidan became Tokyo Metro on April 1, 2004.) Officially, the Tokyo Metro/Tōbu platforms are part of Narihirabashi station, although there is no connection between the two sections.


Station layout

There are two sets of platforms, one for Keisei/Toei at B1 level and the other for Tokyo Metro/Tōbu at B3 level. Each consists of four tracks and two island platforms.

  • On the Keisei/Toei section, trains to Nishi-Magome and the Keikyū Network leave from tracks 1, 2 or 3. Trains for Aoto and the Keisei/Hokusō/Shibayama network leave from tracks 3 and 4, although Keisei and Hokusō trains can also use track 2.
  • On the Tokyo Metro/Tōbu section, trains to Shibuya and the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line use tracks 1,2 or 3 (track 1 is for trains from the Tōbu Isesaki Line, while the other two are for trains originating from here). Track 4 is for the Tōbu Isesaki Line.


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