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Oswald Rayner (1888? - 1961, Botley, Oxfordshire) was a British MI6 agent in Russia during World War I. He later went on to be the Daily Telegraph correspondent in Finland. As to his date of birth, note the following: The Manuscript and picture unit of Åbo Akademi university library in Turku, Finland, has letters written by Oswald Rayner (635 letters in all). In a letter dated 13.1.1921 he states he is 32 years old and 24.11.1922 he says he is 34 years old. The year of his birth is thus most probably 1888.

He is believed to have been involved in the final murder plot against Rasputin, and according to a recent investigation might be the person who fired the shot that actually killed Rasputin.[1]

Oswald Rayner studied at Oxford University in England were he first met his friend and accomplice Prince Felix Yusupov. Later he did an English translation of Yusupov's book about Rasputin.[2] He named his only son, John Felix Rayner, after Yusupov.


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