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The Quantum Ranger

An "Other Ranger" is an unofficial designation for several fictional characters in the Power Rangers franchise. It is a term for a Power Ranger that does not fit into the normal color designations of red, blue, yellow, black, pink, green, or white; or is a Power Ranger who is not named after a color. These Power Rangers are often introduced later in each of the series, and have sometimes been evil before joining the core team. It is also common for Other Rangers to have slightly different costumes from their comrades, such as the addition of chest armor or a slightly altered visor. All "Other Rangers" usually have their own Zord, a separate type from those of the five main Rangers, that can either combine with the other Zords for increased power or transform into a single Zord Megazord, although both occurring is also a similar situation.

Another term for "Other Ranger" is "Sixth Ranger," as they are often an additional member (usually the sixth) to the core team of five (since Power Rangers: S.P.D., there have been additional Rangers past the sixth). However, many "Sixth Rangers" can be classified into the normal color designations (Tommy Oliver, as the Green, White, Red and then Black Power Ranger, is a Sixth Ranger twice, but never an Other Ranger).

The Blue Senturion

A "Ranger-like ally" is an unofficial designation for characters that have allied themselves with the Power Rangers and have powers similar to that of the Power Rangers, but have not been specifically determined to be Power Rangers themselves. These characters rarely transform from a human form and include Ninjor, the Blue Senturion, and the original Magna Defender fall into this category. Ranger-like allies often have Zords, or have the ability to grow to a larger Megazord size.


List of "Other Rangers"

Trey of Triforia (Ted, Tom, and Tim DiFillipo, voiced by Brad Hawkins) and Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) are the Gold Rangers in Power Rangers: Zeo. Trey took part in the final battle against the United Alliance of Evil. Jason is formerly the Red Power Ranger, and later shown to have regained the Red Ranger powers in "Forever Red."

  • Suit Color: Black with gold armor and accents
  • Weapon: Golden Power Staff
  • Zords: Pyramidas, Warrior Wheel

The Phantom Ranger (voiced by Alex Dodd) is a mysterious warrior who aids the Rangers in Power Rangers: Turbo. He took part along with Blue Senturion in the final battle against the United Alliance of Evil. The Phantom Ranger's status as a 'Power Ranger' is in dispute, stemming from the fact that he has never been seen with an alternate form or morpher and the title of Phantom Ranger is given to him by the other Turbo Rangers.

  • Suit Color: Black with metal armor
  • Weapons: Invisibility with the Power Ruby, Laser Blaster
  • Vehicle: Phantom Ranger's ship
  • Zord: Artillatron

Zhane (Justin Nimmo) is the Silver Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space.

  • Suit Color: Silver with gold and green accents
  • Morpher: Digimorpher
  • Weapon: Super Silverizer - Blaster/Saber Mode
  • Vehicles: Silver Cycle, Galactic Rover
  • Zord: Mega Winger
    • Megazord: Mega Winger Megazord

Mike Corbett (Russell Lawrence) is given the powers of the Magna Defender in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy after the original Magna Defender died in battle.

  • Suit Color: Black armor with a red cape and a green hexagonal emblem, helmet with bull's horns
  • Morpher: Magna Defender Morpher
  • Weapon: Magna Sword/Magna Blaster
  • Zord: Torozord
    • Megazord: Defender Torozord

Ryan Mitchell (Rhett Fisher) is the Titanium Ranger in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. He is the first known heroic Power Ranger without a Super Sentai counterpart.[1]

  • Suit Color: Metallic gray with gold accents
  • Morpher: Titanium Morpher
  • Weapon: Titanium Laser - Blaster/Axe Mode
  • Zord: Max Solarzord
    • Megazords: Max Solar Megazord, Lightspeed Solarzord

Eric Myers (Daniel Southworth) is the Quantum Ranger in Power Rangers: Time Force. Eric is among the Red Rangers in "Forever Red". He is the only "Other Ranger" to share his suit color with that of a member of the main team.[2]

  • Suit Color: Red with black accents
  • Morpher: Quantum Morpher
  • Weapons: Quantum Defender - Blaster/Blade Mode, Mega Battle Armor
  • Vehicle: T.F. Eagle
  • Zord: Quantasaurus-Rex
    • Megazord: Q-Rex Megazord

Merrick Baliton (Phillip Andrew) is the Lunar Wolf Ranger in Power Rangers: Wild Force.[3]

  • Suit Color: Silver with navy blue accents
  • Morpher: Lunar Caller
  • Weapon: Lunar Cue - Sniper/Pool/Saber Mode
  • Vehicle: Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle
  • Wild Zords: Lunar Wolf, Alligator & Hammerhead Shark Wild Zords
    • Megazord: Predazord

Hunter Bradley (Adam Tuominen) is the Crimson Thunder Ranger in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.[4]

  • Suit Color: Crimson red
  • Morpher: Thunder Morpher with Crimson Power Disc
  • Weapons: Crimson Blaster, Thunder Staff
  • Vehicles: Crimson Tsunami Cycle, Ninja Glider Cycle
  • Zord: Crimson Insectizord
  • Power Spheres: copied Serpent Sword (#1), Spin Blade (#4), legs of Minizord (#8), wings of Ninja Firebird (#17)

Blake Bradley (Jorgito Vargas, Jr.) is the Navy Thunder Ranger in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.[5]

  • Suit Color: Navy blue
  • Morpher: Thunder Morpher with Navy Power Disc
  • Weapons: Navy Antler, Thunder Staff, Thunder Blade
  • Vehicle: Navy Tsunami Cycle
  • Zord: Navy Beetlezord
  • Power Spheres: copied Serpent Sword (#1), Sting Blaster (#11)

Conner McKnight (James Napier) is the Triassic Ranger, in addition to being the Red Dino Ranger, in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Some consider the Triassic Ranger to be merely a power-up for the Red Dino Ranger.

  • Suit Color: Red with gold and blue accents
  • Morphers: Dino Morpher with Gold Tyranno Plate, Battlizer with Styraco Plate
  • Weapons: Shield of Triumph, Battlizer Armor
  • Zords: Styracozord and the Mezodon Rover, Cephalozord, Dimetrozord, Parasaurzord, Ankylozord
    • Megazords: Mezodon Megazord, Triceramax Megazord

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger (John Tui) is the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger in Power Rangers: S.P.D.[6]

  • Suit Color: Black with metallic blue accents
  • Morpher: Patrol Morpher
  • Weapon: Shadow Saber
  • Vehicle: Delta ATV
  • Zord: Delta Command Crawler
    • Megazord: Delta Command Megazord

Sam (voiced by Brett Stewart) is the S.P.D. Omega Ranger in Power Rangers: S.P.D.

  • Suit Color: White with indigo and gold accents
  • Morpher: Omega Morpher
  • Weapon: Omega Morpher - Electro Mode
  • Vehicle: Uniforce Cycle
  • Zord: Omegamax Cycle
    • Megazords: Omegamax Megazord, Deltamax Megazord

Katherine "Kat" Manx (Michelle Langstone) is the S.P.D. Kat Ranger in Power Rangers: S.P.D.. She is the first female Other Ranger and is the first Ranger to actually wear orange.

  • Suit Color: Orange with white accents
  • Morpher: Kat Morpher
  • Weapon: Cat Stunners

The S.P.D. Nova Ranger (voiced by Antonia Prebble) is the female counterpart of S.P.D. Omega Ranger in Power Rangers: S.P.D.

  • Suit Color: Silver with navy blue accents
  • Morpher: Nova Morpher
  • Weapon: Nova Morpher - Electro Mode

Daggeron (John Tui) is the Solaris Knight in Power Rangers: Mystic Force.[7]

  • Suit Color: Gold armor on indigo spandex
  • Morpher: Solar Cell Morpher (with Spell Cards)
  • Weapon: Solaris Laser Lamp
  • Vehicle: Magic Carpet
  • Ancient Mystic Mode: Seen during his Morphing sequence; a gold humanoid form with wing-like extensions
  • Zord: Solar Streak
    • Megazord: Solar Streak Megazord

Leanbow (Chris Graham) is the Wolf Warrior in Power Rangers: Mystic Force

  • Suit Color: Crimson armor with a gold W across the chest and silver wolf's head shaped shoulder pads.
  • Morpher: Wolf Warrior Morpher
  • Weapons: Saber and Shield
  • Ancient Mystic Mode: Red and purple being seemingly made of fire with a purple cape and a red sword and shield
  • Zord: Catastros
  • Mystic Titan Form: Knight Wolf Centaur (grows to titan size and combines with Catastros to form a centaur)
    • Megazord: Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Tyzonn (Dwayne Cameron) is the Mercury Ranger in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

  • Suit Color: Aluminum silver and black with orange and steel blue accents
  • Morpher: Mercury Morpher
  • Weapon: Drive Detector
  • Zords: Rescue Runner 3, Rescue Runner 1, Rescue Runner 2
    • Megazord: Flash Point Megazord

Robert "R.J." James (David de Lautour) is the Violet Wolf Ranger in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury.[8]

  • Suit color: Violet with black accents
  • Morpher: Wolf Morpher
  • Weapon: Wolf Morpher - Energy Boosts
  • Zord: Wolf Spirit Zord, Jaguar Spirit Zord, Tiger Spirit Zord
    • Megazord: Wolf Pride Megazord

The Elephant Ranger is one of the Spirit Rangers in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, created from the Elephant Spirit of Master Phant.

  • Suit color: Green with white accents
  • Weapon: Jungle Mace

The Bat Ranger is one of the Spirit Rangers in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, created from the Bat Spirit of Master Swoop.

  • Suit color: Black with white accents
  • Weapon: Jungle Fans

The Shark Ranger is one of the Spirit Rangers in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, created from the Shark Spirit of Master Finn.

  • Suit color: Cyan with white accents
  • Weapon: Shark Sabers

Gem (Mike Ginn) is Ranger Gold in Power Rangers: RPM

  • Suit Color: Gold with black accents
  • Morpher: Sky Shift Morpher
  • Weapon: Cloud Hatchet
  • Zord: Falcon Zord

Gemma (Li Ming Hu) is Ranger Silver in Power Rangers: RPM

  • Suit Color: Silver with black accents
  • Morpher: Sky Shift Morpher
  • Weapon: Cloud Hatchet
  • Zord: Tiger Jet

List of Ranger-like allies

Ninjor (voiced by Kim Strauss) is a ninja-like sage who assisted the Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is the creator of the original Power Coins, the Ninja Power Coins, the Ninjazords, and the Aquitian Rangers' Battle Borgs. He had the ability to grow to the size of the Megazords dubbed Ninjor Expansion Mode, and could also transform into a Battle Mode where he looked more like a samurai than a ninja.

  • Appearance: Blue armor-like ninja gi with gold N emblem on chest. Has red accents in Battle Mode, and his various armors move to appear more samurai in appearance.
  • Weapon: Katana with sheath

Auric the Conqueror (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince, uncredited) is an ancient Tiki that had laid dormant on Misterio Island until he is unlocked and assisted the Power Rangers in Power Rangers: Zeo. Tanya Sloan's parents found the tiki and sent it to their daughter. He is originally unlocked by Louie Kaboom, and is manipulated by Prince Sprocket until the Zeo Rangers set him straight. He is usually seen as a small tiki idol with a keyhole in his face. When the Golden Key of Auric is inserted, he can transform into either a human- or Megazord-sized warrior. Auric prefers to talk situations through before resorting to violence, and has been known to revert to his statuette form whenever he got scared. When Jason Lee Scott became the Gold Ranger, Tanya chose him to be the keeper of Auric and his key. Presumably, when Jason passed on his position as the Gold Ranger back to Trey of Triforia, he, too, is made to be the keeper of Auric. Auric also likes to narrate his own victories.

  • Appearance: Primarily blue robotic warrior with red, gold, and silver accents. His "cape" is actually the outer shell of his tiki form.
  • Weapon: Sword

The Blue Senturion (voiced by David Walsh) is an intergalactic robotic police officer who aided the Rangers in Power Rangers: Turbo. His original purpose is to deliver the "Millennium Message" to the Turbo Rangers, until Divatox captured and reprogrammed him to destroy the Rangers. After he is reprogrammed again, he assisted the Rangers until going with Dimitria to help Zordon on Eltar. He took part along with the Phantom Ranger in the final battle against the United Alliance of Evil.

  • Appearance: Blue robot with white head and accents; has red, yellow and blue traffic signals across his chest
  • Weapons: Senturion Synergizer - Blaster/Baton Mode
  • Vehicle: Senturion Cycle
  • Zord/Megazord: Robo Racer

The original Magna Defender (voiced by Kerrigan Mahan) is more of a Ranger-like ally than a Power Ranger, but his successor, Mike Corbett, is more like a Power Ranger by having a Morphing device. The Magna Defender originally plotted revenge against Scorpius for killing his son Zika, but he died while helping the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers. As his final gift, he gave Mike Corbett the Magna Defender powers that he had before he died.

  • Appearance: Black armor with a red cape and a green hexagonal emblem, helmet with bull's horns.
  • Weapon: Magna Sword/Magna Blaster
  • Zord: Torozord
    • Megazord: Defender Torozord

Koragg the Knight Wolf (voiced by Geoff Dolan) is an evil wizard and knight who fought for the forces of darkness in Power Rangers: Mystic Force. However, he has assisted the Mystic Force Power Rangers on many occasions as they shared a common foe in Imperious.

  • Appearance: Purple armor with silver wolves' head-shaped shoulder pads and a gold W across his chest
  • Morpher: N/A, but the magic he gave up to Imperious is turned into a purple Mystic Morpher
  • Weapons: Knight Saber and the Shield of Darkness that holds the Eye of the Master.
  • Ancient Mystic Mode: Leanbow; Red and purple horned warrior with a purple cape, as well as his own Sword and Shield. Looks like solid fire.
  • Zord: Catastros
  • Mystic Titan Form: Knight Wolf Centaur (grows to titan size and combines with Catastros to form a centaur)
    • Megazord: Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Clare (Antonia Prebble), Udonna's apprentice in Power Rangers: Mystic Force, held the powers of the Gatekeeper, the person with the magical ability to unlock the seal on the Gate to the Underworld. As the Gatekeeper, Clare donned a purple and white Arabian-style dress, and a silver tiara that her powers came from. Her powers are derived from the Moon as the Gatekeeper. She has currently used up all of the powers left in the tiara by her mother, the original Gatekeeper. Whether or not she may redevelop the powers on her own is currently unknown. She acquired her Gatekeeper abilities from her mother Niella.

  • Appearance: Purple headress, white and purple dress, silver tiara, violet eyes
  • Morpher: Gatekeeper's tiara
  • Weapon: Gatekeeper's staff
  • Ancient Mystic Mode: Shining Moon Warrior; silver woman with bell-like dress and purple veil

The Sentinel Knight (Nic Sampson) is the guardian of the Corona Jewels in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. He lost his physical form while sealing away a demonic creature known as Thrax, but aided the Overdrive Rangers. Mack used the Excelsior Sword to give him a newer, more powerful body. Rose upgraded the Sentinel Sword with zord based technology and Mack used it to unlock his battlized form the Red Sentinel Ranger which allows the Sentinel Knight to combine with Mack and still speak with each other. In the finale his body is restored to his previous form.

  • Appearance: Gold armor with red accents
  • Weapon: Sword Excelsior
  • Zord Forms: Either a giant golden sword or a huge version of himself

Jarrod (Bede Skinner) is the Lion Warrior in Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. A student at Master Mao's temple and wielder of the Lion spirit; Jarrod was highly skilled and earned the chance to become one of the guardians of Dai Shi's prison. Unfortunately, Jarrod's arrogance and excessive violence forced Master Mao to dismiss Jarrod and select Casey instead. In response, Jarrod attacks Mao, and although Jarrod was no match for him, he accidentally freed the evil Dai Shi from his prison. Jarrod flees, but is taken over by Dai Shi as he runs away, becoming the evil master's vessel. Ultimately Jarrod freed himself from Dai Shi's control with help of the Red Ranger and joined the forces of good.

  • Appearance: Black and gold lion-like armor
  • Morpher: Lion Spirit
  • Weapon: Blazing Claws, Energy Orbs, Zocato Power
  • Zord: Lion Spirit Zord

Camille (Holly Shanahan) is a character from Power Rangers: Jungle Fury. She is a master over the Chameleon spirit, and can assume a Ranger-like fighting form or preferred to known as the Chameleon Warrior. After Jarrod broke free of Dai Shi's control, she chose to betray her former master, and protect Jarrod. She later saved the Rangers from certain death by Dai Shi to prove she had changed, and later enrolled into the Pai Zhua academy with Jarrod.

  • Appearance: Emerald green chameleon-like armor with red-and-violet accents
  • Morpher: Chameleon Spirit
  • Weapon: Sais, Whip-like Tongue
  • Zord: Chameleon Spirit Zord


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