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Other Ranks (ORs) in the British Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force (and in the armies and air forces of many other Commonwealth countries) are those personnel who are not commissioned officers. In the Royal Navy, these personnel are called ratings.

The term is sometimes considered to exclude Warrant Officers and occasionally also excludes non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

British India

In British India, a distinction was made between British Other Ranks (BORs) and Indian Other Ranks (IORs).

Comparative ranks

NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
United Kingdom United Kingdom
UK-Army-OR9.png No
Warrant Officer Class One (Conductor) Warrant Officer Class One Warrant Officer Class Two (Quartermaster Sergeant) Warrant Officer Class Two (Sergeant Major) Staff Sergeant/
Colour Sergeant
Sergeant Corporal/
Private/regimental equivalent
Abbreviation WO1 WO2 S/Sgt
Sgt Cpl L/Cpl Pte Pte
United Kingdom Royal Air Force
(United Kingdom)
OR9a RAF Warrant Officer.gif
OR9b RAF Master Aircrew.gif
No Equivalent OR7b RAF Flight Sergeant.gif
OR7c RAF Flight Sergeant Acr.gif
OR7a RAF Chief Technician.gif OR5n6a RAF Sergeant.gif
OR5n6b RAF Sergeant Acr.gif
OR4 RAF Corporal.gif No Equivalent OR3 RAF Junior Technician.gif OR2 RAF Senior Aircraftman.gif OR1 RAF Leading Aircraftman.gif No Insignia
Warrant Officer
Master Aircrew
Flight Sergeant
Flight Sergeant Aircrew
Chief Technician Sergeant
Sergeant Aircrew
Corporal Junior Technician Senior Aircraftman (or Aircraftwoman) Leading Aircraftman (or Aircraftwoman) Aircraftman (or Aircraftwoman)
Abbreviation WO MAcr FS or Flt Sgt CT or Chf Tech Sgt Cpl Jnr Tech or JT SAC(W) LAC(W) AC(W)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
UK RN OR9.gif File:UK RN OR8.gif OR7 RN Chief Petty Officer.gif File:UK Navy CPO S.gif File:UK Navy PO S.gif No Equivalent File:UK RN OR4.gif No Equivalent OR2 RN Able Rate.gif No Equivalent
Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer Class 2 Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer Leading Rate Able Rate Ordinary Rate

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