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Otto Hörsing

In office

In office

In office

In office

Born July 18, 1874(1874-07-18)
Groß Schilleningken, East Prussia
Died August 16, 1937 (aged 63)
Political party SPD
Sozial-Republikanische Partei Deutschlands
Occupation blacksmith

Friedrich Otto Hörsing (18 July 1874 – 16 August 1937) was a German social democratic politician.


Hörsing was born in Groß Schilleningken near Memel, East Prussia (today Šilininkai, Lithuania) and started to work as a blacksmith. He joined the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in 1894, became the Executive Secretary of the German Association of Metalworkers in Upper Silesia in 1905 and District Secretary of the SPD in Oppeln (1906-1914).[1]

He served in the German Army in World War I and became a Prisoner of War in Romania. After the war he returned to Silesia and was the chairman of the Workers' and Soldier’s council of Upper Silesia in Kattowitz in 1919.

In 1919/20 Höring was the Reichs- und Staatskommissar for Silesia und Posen and the Oberpräsident of the Province of Saxony in 1920 until 1927.[2]

Otto Hörsing on 11 August 1929

He was a member of the Weimar National Assembly (1919), the Reichstag in 1919-22 and the Prussian Landtag (1924-1933). Hörsing represented the Province of Saxony in the Reichsrat in 1922-1930 and was a co-founder and the first Chairman of the Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold (1924-32), which he descibed as a 'non-partisan protection organization of the Republic and democracy in the fight against the swastika and the Soviet star'.[3] In 1932 he was excluded from the SPD and the Reichsbanner. Höring founded the Sozial-Republikanische Partei Deutschlands, which ran in the Reichstag election of November 1932 but received only 8.395 votes.[4]

The Nazi government withdraw any payment and Höring died impoverished in Berlin.




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