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An enlargeable map of the Argentine Republic

The Argentine Republic, commonly known as Argentina, is a sovereign country located in southeastern South America.[1] Argentina is constituted as a federation of twenty-three provinces and an autonomous city. It is second in extent on the South American continent to Brazil and eighth in the world. Argentina occupies a continental surface area of 2,766,890 square kilometres (1,068,300 sq mi) between the Andes mountain range in the west and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east and south. It is bordered by Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, and Chile in the west and south. The country claims the British overseas territories of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Argentina also claims 969,464 square kilometres (374,312 sq mi) of Antarctica, known as Argentine Antarctica, overlapping another claim made by Chile and the British Antarctic Territory.

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General reference

An enlargeable basic map of Argentina

Geography of Argentina

An enlargeable topographic map of the Argentina
 Chile 5,308 km
 Paraguay 1,880 km
 Brazil 1,261 km
 Bolivia 832 km
 Uruguay 580 km
  • Coastline: 4,989 km

Environment of Argentina

An enlargeable satellite image of the Argentina

Natural geographic features of Argentina

Regions of Argentina

Main article: Regions of Argentina

The provinces of Argentina are often grouped into six geographical regions. From North to South and West to East, these are:

Ecoregions of Argentina

Main article: Ecoregions of Argentina

Administrative divisions of Argentina

Province/District Capital Population (2001) Rank Area (km²) Rank Density (/km²) Rank
Buenos Aires - &0000000002776138.0000002,776,138 4 203 24 &0000000000013675.60000013,675.6 1
Buenos Aires Province La Plata &0000000013827203.00000013,827,203 1 &0000000000307571.000000307,571 1 44.95 3
Catamarca Province San Fernando del V.a &0000000000334568.000000334,568 20 &0000000000102602.000000102,602 11 3.26 19
Chaco Province Resistencia &0000000000984446.000000984,446 9 &0000000000099633.00000099,633 12 9.90 11
Chubut Province Rawson &0000000000413237.000000413,237 18 &0000000000224686.000000224,686 3 1.84 23
Córdoba Province Córdoba &0000000003066801.0000003,066,801 2 &0000000000165321.000000165,321 5 18.60 6
Corrientes Province Corrientes &0000000000930991.000000930,991 11 &0000000000088199.00000088,199 16 10.60 10
Entre Ríos Province Paraná &0000000001158147.0000001,158,147 7 &0000000000078781.00000078,781 17 14.70 7
Formosa Province Formosa &0000000000486559.000000486,559 16 &0000000000072066.00000072,066 19 6.75 14
Jujuy Province San Salvador de Jujuy &0000000000611888.000000611,888 14 &0000000000053219.00000053,219 20 11.50 8
La Pampa Province Santa Rosa &0000000000299294.000000299,294 21 &0000000000143440.000000143,440 8 2.00 22
La Rioja Province La Rioja &0000000000289983.000000289,983 22 &0000000000089680.00000089,680 14 3.23 20
Mendoza Province Mendoza &0000000001579651.0000001,579,651 5 &0000000000148827.000000148,827 7 10.61 9
Misiones Province Posadas &0000000000965522.000000965,522 10 &0000000000029801.00000029,801 21 32.40 4
Neuquén Province Neuquén &0000000000474155.000000474,155 17 &0000000000094078.00000094,078 13 5.00 16
Río Negro Province Viedma &0000000000552822.000000552,822 15 &0000000000203013.000000203,013 4 2.72 21
Salta Province Salta &0000000001079051.0000001,079,051 8 &0000000000155488.000000155,488 6 6.94 12
San Juan Province San Juan &0000000000620023.000000620,023 13 &0000000000089651.00000089,651 15 6.92 13
San Luis Province San Luis &0000000000367933.000000367,933 19 &0000000000076748.00000076,748 18 4.80 17
Santa Cruz Province Río Gallegos &0000000000196958.000000196,958 23 &0000000000243943.000000243,943 2 0.81 24
Santa Fe Province Santa Fe &0000000003000701.0000003,000,701 3 &0000000000133007.000000133,007 10 22.56 5
Santiago del Estero Province   Santiago del Estero &0000000000804457.000000804,457 12 &0000000000136351.000000136,351 9 5.90 15
Tierra del Fuego Province Ushuaia &0000000000101079.000000101,079 24 &0000000000021263.00000021,263 b 23 4.75b 18
Tucumán Province San Miguel de Tucumán   &0000000001338523.0000001,338,523 6 &0000000000022524.00000022,524 22 59.42 2

a San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.
b Not including claims on the Malvinas (Falkland Islands) or Argentine Antarctica.

Municipalities of Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Demography of Argentina

Main article: Demographics of Argentina, Ethnography of Argentina

Government and politics of Argentina

Main article: Government of Argentina and Politics of Argentina

Branches of the government of Argentina

Executive branch of the government of Argentina

The Casa Rosada, seat of the Argentine Executive Branch of Government

Legislative branch of the government of Argentina

The Argentine Congress and one of the few surviving original casts of Auguste Rodin's The Thinker.
The Argentine Supreme Court

Judicial branch of the government of Argentina

Foreign relations of Argentina

International organization membership

The Argentine Republic is a member of: [1]

Law and order in Argentina

Main article: Law of Argentina

Military of Argentina

The Libertadores Building, seat of the Argentine Defense Ministry
Main article: Military of Argentina

Local government in Argentina

History of Argentina

Main article: History of Argentina, Timeline of the history of Argentina, and Current events of Argentina

Culture of Argentina

Main article: Culture of Argentina

Art in Argentina

Sports in Argentina

Main article: Sports in Argentina

Economy of Argentina

Main article: Economy of Argentina

Education in Argentina

Main article: Education in Argentina

Infrastructure of Argentina

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