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Coordinates: 43°51′44″N 7°26′04″E / 43.86222°N 7.43444°E / 43.86222; 7.43444

Ouvrage Barbonnet
Part of Maginot Line, Alpine Line
Southeast France
Concrete, steel
In use French Army
Open to
the public
By arrangement
Controlled by France
Battles/wars Battle of France
Ouvrage Barbonnet
Type of work: Large artillery work (Grand ouvrage)
Fortified Sector of the Maritime Alps
Number of blocks: 2

Ouvrage Barbonnet was a work (gros ouvrage) of the Maginot Line's Alpine extension, the Alpine Line, also called the Little Maginot Line. The ouvrage consisted of one entry block and one infantry block facing Italy. The ouvrage was built somewhat behind the main line of fortifications on the old Fort Suchet, which was already armed with two obsolete Mougin 155mm gun turrets[1]. The fort, near Sospel, dominated both the coast and the road from Nice to the Col de Tende.

The ouvrage remains under the control of the French Army [2], but may be visited by prior arrangement.



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