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Coordinates: 49°03′41″N 7°16′12″E / 49.06139°N 7.27°E / 49.06139; 7.27

Ouvrage Rohrbach
Part of Maginot Line
Northeast France
Concrete, steel
In use Preserved
Open to
the public
Controlled by France
Battles/wars Battle of France
Ouvrage Rohrbach
Type of work: Small infantry work (Petit ouvrage - infantry)
Fortified Sector of Rohrbach
Number of blocks: 3

Ouvrage Rohrbach (or Fort Casso) was a petit ouvrage of the Maginot Line located in the community of Bettvillier, near Rohrbach-lès-Bitche in the Moselle département, facing Germany.



The town of Rohrbach-lès-Bitche is located on a shelf between the Vosges mountains and the valley of the Sarre, tunneled beneath by plaster mines. The valley extends into Germany and forms a natural axis of attack.

The ouvrage itself comprises one entrance block and two infantry blocks.


Early designs contemplated a powerful fortification of thirteen blocks. However, the scale of works in the Rohrbach sector was reduced in 1933 to two gros ouvrages, one petit ouvrage (Rohrbach), fifteen casemates and eight shelters (abris).

The fortifications center around the military camp at Bitche and the village of Petit-Réderching. No works were constructed in Rohrbach itself. As a result of the decision of Marshal Pétain in 1929, priority was given to the Vosges and the defense of the plain of Alsace. Aware of the weakness of the area between the rivers Sarre and Lauter, three gros ouvrages were proposed, to be completed between 1929 and 1933. However, in 1934, due to budget restrictions, plans were deferred for artillery blocks at Rohrbach, and only the infantry blocks were ultimately constructed.


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