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Owen Hart and Yokozuna
Tag Team
Members Owen Hart
The British Bulldog (for one night)[1][2][3]
Name(s) Owen Hart and Yokozuna[4]
Heights Owen:
5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)[5]
777 lb (352 kg)
Hometown Owen:Calgary, Alberta
Yokozuna:San Francisco, California
Debut April 2, 1995
Disbanded September 25, 1995
Promotions WWF

Owen Hart and Yokozuna were a professional wrestling tag team that wrestled in World Wrestling Federation. The team existed in 1995.



Owen Hart - Yokozuna's tag team partner

The team debuted on WrestleMania XI when former WWF Champion Yokozuna was billed as Owen's mystery partner. This was Yokozuna's first appearance since 1994 Survivor Series. They defeated The Smoking Gunns to win the WWF Tag Team Championship.[6][2][7]

During their World Tag Team Championship reign, Owen Hart and Yokozuna rose to the top of the tag team division of WWF[8] as they went on to make successful title defenses against the likes of The Smokin' Gunns[9] and The Allied Powers[10]. In a World Tag Team Championship title defense, Hart was replaced by The British Bulldog because Hart was with his wife who was giving birth to their second child. Yokozuna and Bulldog defended the titles against Diesel and Shawn Michaels but lost to Diesel and Michaels when Diesel pinned Hart after a jacknife powerbomb who came to ringside late in the match.[3][2]

They went on to hold the title for 175 days during their first reign.[11] Hart and Yokozuna were awarded the titles back the next day[8] by their lawyer Clarence Mason because Hart was pinned in the match who was not a part of the match therefore Michaels and Diesel could not be champions.[1][12][2] The same night, Hart and Yokozuna went on to lose the titles to Smokin' Gunns.[8][2] After the match, their tag team disbanded as Yokozuna focused on singles career while Hart formed a tag team with The British Bulldog in 1996.[13][14]

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