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Oxana Fedorova
Beauty pageant titleholder
Oxana Fedorova1.jpg
Birth name Oxana Fedorova
Birthdate December 17, 1977 (1977-12-17) (age 32)
Birthplace Russia Pskov, Russia
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Title(s) Miss St. Petersburg 1999
Miss Russia 2001
Miss Universe 2002

Oxana Fedorova (Oksana Fyodorova, Оксана Фёдорова in Russian) (born December 17, 1977) is a Russian Miss Universe winner (dethroned/resigned), police officer (rank of major), television hostess, actress, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Fedorova became the first Miss Russia to win the Miss Universe contest. She began in the entertainment business as a model and became Miss St. Petersburg in 1999 and Miss Russia in 2001, but declined to go to the Miss Universe 2001 pageant (where her runner-up Oxana Kalandyrets was a semifinalist).


Early life


Oxana Fedorova was born in Pskov, Russia, where she lived until she was 18. Fedorova is an only child, and she was brought up by her mother and maternal grandparents. According to Fedorova, her grandparents were very demanding of her.

Fedorova's parents divorced when she was three years old. She did not hear from her father since then. In 2005 Oxana tried to find her father, but discovered he had died.

Her father was a nuclear physicist, and her mother worked as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital (she is retired). In school, Fedorova played volleyball and her team won a championship in an urban tournament in 1995. At the police academy, Fedorova played the saxophone as a member of the brass band.

Cadet and Beauty Queen

After graduating from the police academy with a red diploma, Fedorova worked as an inspector in the Pskov militia for six months. Following her time with the force, Fedorova moved to St. Petersburg to study at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) University, where she worked as an investigator at the Pulkovo Transport Police whilst studying. Fedorova also began to work as a model and started to participate in beauty pageants. She was named Miss St. Petersburg 1999, Miss Kalokagathia 1999, Miss Fitness, Miss Fortune, and Miss Russia 2001. Fedorova graduated from the MVD University with a gold medal in 2000. After that, Fedorova entered a post graduate course at the same university. While Oxana wrote her dissertation on "Regulation of Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation," she taught Civil Law to younger students. Fedorova's biggest fan base was among police colleagues.

Miss Universe 2002


Oxana Fedorova2.jpg

The 2002 Miss Universe contest was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Oxana won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions by large margins over the other nine semi-finalists. In fact, her score of 9.88 in the swimsuit competition was the highest televised score for that event in the history of the pageant.

After Crowning

Upon being crowned Miss Universe 2002, Fedorova was showered with honors and gifts. Noted Russian doll designer Helen Yarmak even dedicated a doll to her. Fedorova traveled to France, Italy, Kenya, Canada, Greece, Panama, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico as Miss Universe 2002. Controversy soon loomed ahead for Fedorova, however, as she was later rumored to be pregnant.


Fedorova denied the pregnancy rumors and stated that she voluntarily gave up her crown for personal reasons, mainly because she wanted to finish her law degree.[1] Officially, she was dethroned for failing to perform the numerous duties expected of a Miss Universe titleholder. At the time she stated in an interview that she had declined to perform her duties because she was so insulted by her treatment on The Howard Stern Show. She blamed the pageant organizers for not warning her of the frequently profane Stern commentary, of which she, as a foreigner, had no prior knowledge. The crown was passed on to Panama's Justine Pasek, the first runner-up, who consequently became her country's first Miss Universe.

Fedorova was the first Miss Universe who officially did not finish her reign (although the very first Miss Universe, Armi Kuusela, gave up her title a month before her reign ended and Amparo Muñoz of Spain was "unofficially" dethroned in 1974). Although the Miss Universe Organization refuses to recognize Fedorova as a former Miss Universe, she is generally regarded as one by the public.

Police Officer

Ph.D. in Civil Law

  • On December 27, 2002, Oxana Fedorova successfully defended her doctoral thesis. She officially obtained a Ph.D. in Civil Law from the Saint Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia (MVD University) on May 16, 2003.[2]

Police Major


Children's TV Program

  • In October 2003, Spokoinoi Nochi, Malyshi won the TEFI award for Best Children's Show. TEFI (Russian: ТЭФИ) is an annual award presented by the Russian Academy of Television.[5]

Subbotnik Television Program

  • Oxana has co-hosted TV Channel Rossiya's popular Subbotnik show since September 2004.[6]

Subbotniy Vecher TV Show

  • In 2009, Oxana began co-hosting the TV show Субботний вечер (Subbotniy Vecher) on channel Rossiya.[7][8]

Notable Television Appearances

Oxana Fedorova3.jpg

*On June 25, 2002 she was featured in The Howard Stern Show with Robin Quivers.[9]

  • Oxana was a co-host for the reality television show Fort Boyard: Russia, in 2003 and 2004 on TV Channel Rossiya (Russia TV Channel).[10]
  • Fedorova became one of the judges for the reality television show ТЫ — СУПЕРМОДЕЛЬ-2 (You are a Supermodel-2) in 2004.[11]
  • Oxana co-hosted the New Year's 2005 TV Special, "Новогодний огонек на Шаболовке" (Novogodniy Ogonek Shabolovke) on Channel Rossiya.[12]
  • Fedorova was a presenter at the Премия Муз-ТВ 2005 (Muz-TV Music Awards 2005) in June 2005.[13]
  • In October 2005, Ms. Fedorova received the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases Award for "Active Participation in Development of Social Projects."[14]
  • Oxana judged the Miss Kursk Pageant in 2006 and 2007. At the 2007 contest, she also performed a dance number with her Dancing With The Stars dance partner, Alexander Litvinenko.[15]
  • Fedorova returned to Fort Boyard: Russia in 2006 as a contestant.[16]
  • In 2006, Oxana made her acting debut, appearing in the top-rated Russian television sitcom Ne Rodis' Krasivoy (Be Not Born Beautiful).[17]
  • Fedorova appeared on the television show, Dancing With The Stars 2: Russian Version in 2006.[18] She made it to the Top 5.
  • Oxana hosted the Russian Junior Eurovision 2007 song contest on June 3, 2007. The competition was broadcast on Channel Rossiya.[19]
  • Oxana Fedorova and her mother Elena Alexeevna Fedorova were featured on the program Пока все дома (Poka Vse Doma) on Russia's Channel One in June 2007.[20]
  • At the Supermodel of the World-Russia 2007 competition on September 12, 2007, she was a judge.[21]
  • In October 2007, Oxana was a guest on the "Жизнь как жизнь" (Zhizn Kak Zhizn) talk show on Petersburg - Channel 5.[22]
  • Oxana was a guest on the New Year's 2008 TV Special "Голубой огонек на Шаболовке 2008" (Goluboy Ogonek Na Shabolovke 2008) on Channel Rossiya.[23]
  • Ms. Fedorova was a presenter at the "Золотой Орел" (Golden Eagle) awards for film and television excellence. The event took place on January 25, 2008 in Moscow and was broadcast on Channel Rossiya.[24]
  • Oxana co-hosted the Eurovision 2008 Russian Finals on March 8, 2008 on Channel Rossiya.[25]
  • She read out the results of the Russian televote during the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade, Serbia.[26]
  • Oxana was a guest on the Channel Rossiya show "Феномен" (Fenomen) in August 2008.[27]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Eurovision 2008 winner, Dima Bilan, sang a Russian version duet of the song "Une Histoire d'Amour" (Love Story) during the New Year's 2009 TV Special, "золотая рыбка" (Zolotaya Ribka) on Channel Rossiya.[28][29]
  • Oxana co-hosted with Russian actor Oskar Kuchera the Junior Eurovision 2009 Russian finals on May 31, 2009 on TV channel Rossiya.[30]
  • She co-hosted the TV special "Все звезды и песни для любимой" (Vse Zvezdi i Pesni dlya Lyubimoy) on channel Rossiya in March 2009.[31]
  • At the Премия Муз-ТВ 2009 (Muz-TV Music Awards 2009), Oxana was a presenter. The awards were broadcast on Russia's MUZ-TV music channel in June 2009.[32]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov sang their duet "Prava Lyubov" at an outdoor concert on Family Day, July 8, 2009 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The concert was aired on Petersburg - Channel 5.[33]
  • Oxana co-hosted the opening day concert of the "Славянский базар" (Slavic Bazaar) 2009 Music Festival. The festival took place between July 9–17, 2009 in Vitebsk, Belarus and was broadcast on Belarus' TV-First Channel.[34]
  • On July 28, 2009, Oxana and Russian singers Nikolay Baskov and Sergey Lazarev hosted MUZ-TV's "VIP ZONE" at the Новая Волна (New Wave) international music competition in Jūrmala, Latvia. The event was shown on Russia's music channel MUZ-TV.[35]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Nikolay Baskov performed their duet "Prava Lyubov" at Nikolay's televised concert "Не только о любви" (Not only about love) on TV channel Rossiya. The concert was broadcast on October 16, 2009.[36]
  • On the Место встречи (Mesto Vstrechi) program on Ukrainian Inter TV channel in Kiev, Ukraine, Oxana and Nikolay Baskov performed their duet "Prava Lyubov. "The show was broadcast in October 2009.[37]
  • Oxana Fedorova and singers Nikolay Baskov and Philipp Kirkorov performed a skit of the children's show "Spokoinoi Nochi, Malyshi" at the Новогодний парад звезд (New Year's Parade of Stars) on New Year's Eve 2010 on Channel Rossiya.[38]
  • Oxana and other Russian stars co-hosted the traditional "Голубой огонек" на Шаболовке (Goluboy Ogonek Na Shabolovke) New Year's 2010 TV special. The show was broadcast on TV Channel Rossiya.[39][40]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov performed at the "ПЕСНЯ ГОДА 2009" (Song of the Year) concert at Moscow's Спортивный комплекс Олимпийский (Olympic Sports Complex). The concert was televised on January 1, 2010 on Telekanal Rossiya (Russia TV Channel).[41][42]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Dmitry Guberniev hosted the Russian National Final for Eurovision 2010 on March 7, 2010. Peter Nalitch won the competition with the song "Lost and Forgotten" and will represent Russia in Eurovision 2010 in Oslo, Norway. TV Channel Rossiya broadcast the competition.[43]
  • In March 2010, Oxana and Nikolay Baskov performed at the "Все звезды для любимой" (Vse Zvezdi dlya Lyubimoy) 2010 concert at ГЦКЗ "Россия" at Luzhniki Olympic Complex. The concert was aired on TV channel Rossiya.[44]
  • Oxana Fedorova and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov performed at Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin's show. It was held at the State Kremlin Palace. Russia's first lady, Svetlana Medvedeva, was in attendance. TV channel Rossiya televised the show on March 8, 2010.[45]


Music Videos

  • Oxana Fedorova appears, in animated form, in popular Russian singer Nikolay Baskov's animated video of his 2009 hit "Натуральный блондин" (Naturalniy Blondin).[48]
  • In August 2009, Oxana and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov released the music video of their duet "Права Любовь" (Prava Lyubov).[49]


Max Factor Cosmetics

LUSIN Company

EURO 2008 Tourism Campaign

Magiya Zolota (Магия Золота) Jewelry

  • Oxana became the face of the jewelry company Magiya Zolota (Магия Золота) (The Magic of Gold) in 2008. She is also involved in jewelry design for the company.[53]

CLIMONA Collection 2009

  • Russia's CLIMONA women's apparel company chose Oxana as the face of their spring/summer 2009 collection.[54]

Sony VAIO P Series Computers

  • Oxana became the face of the Sony VAIO P series in Russia in April 2009. Due to her active and multifaceted lifestyle, she was considered an ideal match to promote the ultraportable computers.[55]

Golden Babylon Rostokino Shopping Center

High Fashion Modeling

  • Oxana Fedorova continues to model. She has walked the runway for top designers like Tony Ward[58] and Yulia Yanina. At Rome Fashion Week "Alta Roma Alta Moda," in Rome, Italy, on January 31, 2008, Oxana was radiant wearing an exquisite Yulia Yanina creation.[59]
  • In March 2008, Oxana modeled creations by Tasha Strogaya[60] and Natalia Valevskaya[61] at Fashion Week in Moscow Fall/Winter 2008-2009.
  • She walked the runway at the Russian Silhouette 2007 Fashion Show in Moscow.[62]
  • Oxana was mesmerizing on the catwalk at Russian Fashion Week in April 2008.[63]
  • At Fashion Week in Moscow Spring/Summer 2009 Season, Oxana Fedorova wore a Natalia Valevskaya creation.[64]
  • Oxana modeled a Tony Ward design at the Millionaire Fair 2008 in Moscow, Russia on November 27, 2008.


  • Oxana and other Russian stars modeled at the Iceberg Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show in March 2009.[66]
  • She dazzled in Ilya Shiyan and Yana Rudkovskaya creations at the (Volvo) Fashion Week in Moscow Fall/Winter 2009-2010 on March 23, 2009.[67]
  • At the ELENA LENINA by SUVENIR Fashion Show, Oxana and other Russian celebrities modeled Haute Couture designs that were a mix of 1930s, Paris and colonial styles. The event took place on October 16, 2009.[68]

The Formula of Style Book

  • In October 2008, Oxana Fedorova released her first book, "Формула стиля." "The Formula of Style."

[69] The book contains tips and advice on style and beauty. Autobiographical information and photos of Oxana also appear in the book.

Political Activity

Russian Party of Life

  • In March 2005, Fedorova again ran for a political position, this time in the regional Voronezh, Duma elections,.[71] but once again the Russian Party of Life did not receive enough votes to win any seats.

Social Activist

Energy of Life Youth Movement

Charity Fund

Charity Fund Спешите делать добро!

Oxana Fedorova established the children's charity fund Спешите делать добро! (Speshite Delat Dobro!) in October 2009. The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases assisted in organizing the project. It provides support to orphans and children who find themselves in difficult situations. Special attention is given to children whose parents were killed while serving the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Russian Armed Forces.[75][76]

Children's Causes

Russian Children's Welfare Society

  • Fedorova is on the Russia Advisory Board of the Russian Children's Welfare Society (RCWS) and appeared as a special guest at the "Petroushka on the Hudson" and distributed gifts to orphaned children during the 4th Annual Yelka party for orphans and disabled children in Moscow hosted by RCWS.[77][78][79]

World Without Tears Children's Charity

  • Oxana has been involved in the children's charity program, "МИР БЕЗ СЛЕЗ" (World Without Tears) since 2004. The program is sponsored by Russia's VTB Bank.[80]


Charity Single

Miss Russia Titleholders Sing on Children's Day

Charity School Program Перекрёсток-школам

  • Between August and October 2009, Oxana Fedorova was among several Russian celebrities who took part in the charity school program "Перекрёсток-школам" 2009 (Perekrestok Shkolam). Now in its fifth year, the program aims to help improve the technical equipment of Russian schools. The program is sponsored by Russia's X5 Retail Group N.V. whose principal activities are the development and operation of grocery retail stores.[91][92]

Russian Club of Orthodox Maecenases

Protection of the Environment Campaign

The protection of the environment is important to Oxana. In 2008, she participated in a campaign to promote nature friendly products. "The Eco Box" line was a collaborative effort of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Luxury Products, New York company. A part of the proceeds were directed to a program to protect and preserve Russia's National Parks.[95]

Personal life

  • During her school days, Fedorova participated in volleyball, hand-to-hand fighting (expert in the martial arts) and shooting. Her speed in disassembling and assembling a Kalashnikov rifle is one of her specialities, and she has called firing weapons her "favorite pastime".
  • Fedorova especially likes dogs and owns a Terrier, a Mastiff and two Shepherds.
  • She collects international dolls.
  • Oxana loves to sing and dance, and plays the guitar and the saxophone. She also enjoys reading, painting, philosophy and the fine arts.
  • Fedorova is an Orthodox Christian.
  • Oxana has often told the media that she would like to be a mother. In August, 2007 she married Philip Toft, a German businessman, in Munich, Germany.[96]


  • Oxana Fedorova and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov are good friends. Since 2009 the media has often speculated that the two might be engaged.[98]


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