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Ozzy & Drix
Format Scientific cartoon
Created by Farrelly Brothers
Developed by Warner Bros. Animation
Starring Phil LaMarr
Jeff Bennett
Tasia Valenza
Alanna Ubach
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 20 minutes
Original channel Kids' WB
Original run September 14, 2002 (2002-09-14) – July 5, 2004 (2004-07-05)
Preceded by Osmosis Jones

Ozzy & Drix, also known as The Fantastic Voyage Adventures of Osmosis Jones & Drixenol, is an American animated television series based on the Warner Bros. Film Osmosis Jones and it was produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It takes place inside the body of teenager Hector Cruz (referred to by the characters as "the City of Hector"). The series premiered on September 14, 2002 on the Kids' WB; the final episode aired July 5, 2004.



While chasing a scarlet fever virus, Ozzy, Drix and the virus get sucked up from Frank by a mosquito and arrive on young Hector Cruz's body. Installed as Private Investigators, the partners vow to protect the well being of Hector from any viral threat.


Main characters

  • Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones (Phil LaMarr) - A white blood cell with a dark sense of humor. He works as a private-eye in the city of Hector. He and Drix were originally from the city of Frank, the character portrayed in the movie, although they were transferred to Hector through a mosquito while chasing a scarlet fever virus aptly named Scarlet. As most crime-fighting heros do, Ozzy had a nearly unlimited amount of smart remarks that he uses frequently when fighting viruses, as well as sarcasm for anyone else.
  • Drixenol "Drix" (Jeff Bennett) - A cold pill and Ozzy's fellow private eye. They have an office inside Hector's left retina ("prime real estate"). His right arm is a multi-launcher which launches various chemical containers stored in his torso though the most common is an ice pill which freezes villains. The right arm also contains a phone, and other gadgets including an eggbeater (apparently the only thing the arm can't do is make a decent milkshake),and a crude clamp-like claw usable as a hand. Drix is very cautious and completely honest (and quite gullible), which puts him at odds with the devil-may-care Ozzy. He often tries to "fit in" with the other cells in the body, usually failing to comprehend the concepts.
  • Hector Cruz (a.k.a. Hector City/The City of Hector) (Justin Cowden) - The Cuban American teenager that the show revolves around. He likes girls and listening to music. He is foolhardy, a risk taker, and somewhat ignorant, all probably to further the show's plot. Hector also has a crush on Christine, which was so strong he was able to go cold turkey on smoking for her sake. He reminds Ozzy of Frank at Hector's age, reminded him that this was the age where Franks life took a turn for the worse so decides to stay to prevent that from happening. In one episode when Hector went on a white water rafting trip with his older cousin he got Appendicitis. Hector has a dog named Uno, an older sister, and a mom and dad. In another episode Hector learned a lesson in proper dental hygiene when he got a Cavity from eating too much sugar.

City of Hector

  • Maria Amino (Tasia Valenza) - A white blood cell and a cop in the city of Hector. She speaks with a Spanish accent. She is highly skilled at fighting and possibly the most competent cop inside of Hector except for Ozzy. She has shown to have a crush on Drix throughout the series. Her name comes from the amino acid.
  • Chief Gluteus (Jim Cummings) - A mean old muscle cell and the Chief of Police for the city of Hector. He hates both Ozzy and Drix and prefers to handle things himself, which often results in disasters. His name is from Gluteus Maximus, the scientific name for the muscles in the buttock.
  • Mayor Paul Spryman (Alanna Ubach) - The naughty little mayor of the city of Hector. He is approximately the same age as Hector, and acts very immaturely, taking all the credit for the roundups Ozzy and Drix make. His decisions often put Hector's health in extreme danger as well as sometimes being completely ridiculous, where Maria commented that he once ordered all the cells to go to the left side to see if Hector would tip over.
  • Ellen Patella (Vivica A. Fox) - An attorney-at-law who helps new cells find their place in Hector. Ozzy has a crush on her as well, although she has no interest in him.
  • The Mole (Jeffrey Tambor) - A former secret agent, and klutz, and generally used as comic relief, he has his own adrenaline supply, and in every one of his appearances he tries to "vanish mysteriously" (failing to do so every time in comical ways). He is mostly known as very paranoid, often thinking that he is being hunted down, or people are watching him. Despite this he has a lot of contacts and apparently nothing happens in Hector that he doesn't know about, this makes him a good source of information. His role is similar to the flu shot from the movie.
  • Penicillin G - A Penicillin injected into Hector to help fight Strepfinger. He is charming, responsible, and amazingly intelligent. He currently patrols Hector's lungs. He is an obvious parody of James Bond.
  • Dander - Drix's pet dog germ that came from Hector's dog Uno. Like cells, he can shapeshift and often changes his head into Ozzy.
  • Backseat - A sentient "supercomputer" Drix built in Ozzy's car without his permission.


Hector's Family
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Sister
  • Christine (Kimberly Brooks) - A girl in Hector's school that has a crush on him, though they don't admit to each other. Ozzy once got stuck in her body, where he is treated somewhat as a celebrity as coming from Hector, suggesting how strong her feelings for Hector really are.
  • Travis - Hectors classmate and best friend. He is an American with Asian origin.

Germs, Viruses and Villains

This is a list of the bad guys in order of appearance:

  • Scarlet Fever (Tim Curry) - A lizard-like scarlet fever virus, possibly related to Thrax, the movie's villain, that makes Hector get a fever. He was transported along with Ozzy and Drix from Frank to Hector. Fever sucks up all of Hector's fluids that make him active, mutating to become more virulent in the process, and gives Hector a slow and fatal fever. Luckily, when he and Ozzy were fighting in a police helicopter, they were heading for Hector's spleen where it appeared to be a giant fan. Ozzy escaped the helicopter but Fever was killed once he and the helicopter were shredded into the spleen. Hector was then back to his normal self and his fluids returned. Despite his single appearance, he is seen in the opening theme. Because of his abilities, he is more resistant to Drix's Ice Pill than most other Viruses as his temperature usually causes him to defrost moments later.
  • Ernst Strepfinger (Brad Garrett and Jim Cummings) - A powerful germ whose goal is to make Hector sick. He has a large gang of germs and viruses to do his dirty work. In "Strepfinger", Strepfinger is planning on giving Hector a nasty case of pneumonia, but in the end, he gets sucked out from his hideout in the lungs along with his pet. In "Ozzy Jr.", Strepfinger returns, but this times he has an eye patch on his right eye and his pet has an eye patch, too. He plans to infect Hector with bacteria. In "Lights Out", he plans to wipe out Hector's memories. In "Tricky Ricardo", he tricks Ricardo into thinking that he is working for Strepfinger, who was planning to give Hector cancer, but in the end, Strepfinger gets stuck on one of the cotton balls and fell down the drain of the shower. Strepfinger is a parody of the stereotypical Bond villain with a particular emphasis on Auric Goldfinger and Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
  • Rhoda Virus - An intestinal virus, brought in on a bean, which causes Hector to experience extreme flatulence. In the end, she and her minions are trapped in a gas bubble, killing them.
  • Protozilla (Frank Welker) - An allergen with a weak form and a monster form with his monster form only usable in a body that is allergic to him, however Ice pills cause him to revert back to his normal form. His most defining feature is that he has 2 thumbs which gives him away as the allergy. He was a giant monster that terrorized the city of Hector and made it look like it was Drix's dog who was causing the disaster (meanwhile, outside of Hector, Hector himself had a dog and his mother believed the dog was causing his allergies). Ozzy, Drix and Drix's dog confronted Protozilla at Hector's nose and when Hector sneezed, Protozilla was sucked out and killed. And back with Hector, it was revealed his allergies are really from a certain flower his mother was bringing in and not the dog.
  • Smirch (Danny Bonaduce) - A germ that plans to make Hector get a zit ("Street Up"). He also managed to trick Drix when he wanted to learn how to be cool, when he is actually helping him get into an oil refinery to grow gigantic to give Hector a zit—right on Picture Day. Drix defeats him by dropping toothpaste on him, shrinking him down to tiny size where he's captured.
  • Nick O' Teen (Tim Curry) - A tobacco addictive that plans to make Hector smoke ("Where There's Smoke"). Nick can shapeshift and release clouds of smoke that brainwash cells and makes them do Nick's evil bidding, becoming more powerful the more he controls. He has three lackeys: Butane (Jeff Bennett), Carbon Monoxide (Tara Strong), and Tar (Frank Welker). Nick's lackeys were killed before him in confrontations with Ozzy and Drix but when Nick was finally powerful enough to hold Ozzy and Drix back from foiling his plans, Hector decided not to smoke anymore in favor of Chirstine and Nick weakened by him breaking the addiction, giving Ozzy the chance to squash him under his shoe.
  • Sal Monella (Henry Winkler) - A gangster germ who is planning to poison Hector.
  • Sylvian Fisher (Brian Posehn): A nerdy brain cell who was trying to become mayor in the upcoming election. He planned to use a growth formula to make Hector grow and blame it on Spryman's carelessness.
  • General Malaise (Charlie Adler) - A bacterium who uses sugar to make his army of bacteria multiply. He develops evil plots to make Hector eat sugar. Of course, he and all his troops were killed when they were in Hector's teeth and he was visiting the dentist. They fell out through a sink to die off. They also dissolve when they eat salt. General Malaise is an obvious parody of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Professor Nightmare - A nightmare that originated from a movie Hector saw. Ozzy and Drix enter Hector's dreams and help him overcome his fear and crush the nightmare.
  • Chief Maximus (Rob Paulsen) - The Chief of Police in the city of Christine (a girl that Hector likes) that teams up with the Pneumonic.
  • The Pneumoniac (Pat Fraley) - A germ who is planning to give Christine pneumonia ("An Out of Body Experience parts 1 & 2").
  • Mother Worm (Frank Welker) - A worm that came from a sausage Hector barely cooked.Is very reminescent of Japanese monsters especially Godzilla even having atomic breath. Was killed by having medcine shoved down her throat, causing her to explode.
  • Shane (Danny Cooksey) - A leader of a testosterone gang that one time tied up Mayor Spryman and took over his office, turning Hector into a bad kid.
  • Stickety (Rob Paulsen) - A sticky, bad cholesterol beatnik who kidnaps a bunch fat cell children in an attempt to clog Hector's artery. He sees what he does not as crimes but as art.
  • Cryo (Susan Silo) - A virus that one time tried to give Hector hypothermia, despite the fact that hypothermia is when the core temperatures of the body decrease to a critical level. Therefore, it is not a disease. She has the ability to fire freezing blasts from her elbows. She was eventually destroyed when struck by a nerve impulse from Hector's spine.
  • Billy Bob Bile (Frank Welker) - A stereotypical hill-billy and owner of an appendix hotel who was causing detours which resulted in Hector's appendix almost bursting. Only a quick trip to a hospital saved Hector's life and removed Billy's hotel. Billy attempted to return to civilization, only Ozzy and Drix to slap cuffs on his wrists. He tries to escape, only to take a trip to the small intestine.

Episode list

Note: Several episodes borrow clips from the film Osmosis Jones.

Season 1: 2002-2003

# Title Original airdate Production code
1 "Home With Hector" September 14, 2002 (2002-09-14)
By way of a simple mosquito bite, Ozzy and Drix are transferred into the body of a 13-year old boy, Hector. Unfortunately, a nasty germ named Scarlet Fever is also transferred, and our heroes have to capture him before he wreaks havoc on the City of Hector. 
2 "Reflex" September 21, 2002 (2002-09-21)
Ozzy accidentally produces a neural spasm that causes Hector to kick the school bully. When the bully threatens to beat up Hector after school, Ozzy has to figure out a way to help Hector defend himself. 
3 "Strep-Finger" September 28, 2002 (2002-09-28)
Ozzy becomes jealous of a super agent (Penicillin G.) who has been injected into Hector to track down a powerful germ known as Strepfinger. 
4 "A Lousy Haircut" October 5, 2002 (2002-10-05)
When Ozzy discovers there are lice eggs in Hector's hair, he and Drix venture onto the scalp to knock the eggs off, only to end up running into the monstrous Mother Louse! 
5 "Oh My Dog" October 12, 2002 (2002-10-12)
Drix's new pet dog, Dander, is mistaken for an Allergen that is threatening the city, while, outside Hector, Mrs. Cruz thinks that it is Hector's dog causing the allergy that Hector is suffering from. 
6 "Street Up" October 19, 2002 (2002-10-19)
Drix tries to learn how to act "street" and ends up helping an acne germ create a huge zit on Hector's face -- right on Picture Day! 
7 "Gas of Doom" November 9, 2002 (2002-11-09)
Ozzy, Drix, and Maria commandeer a submersible police craft into the intestines to stop a gas build-up that threatens Hector's social situation 
8 "Where There's Smoke" November 16, 2002 (2002-11-16)
Ozzy must keep Nick O'Teen from getting to the brain where he will cause Hector to smoke. 
9 "The Globfather" November 30, 2002 (2002-11-30)
When Sal Monella, a poisonous gangster germ, kidnaps the Mayor with plans to poison Hector, Ozzy and Drix must come to his rescue. 
10 "Ozzy Jr." December 7, 2002 (2002-12-07)
Ozzy thinks he's going to have a baby, but it turns out he's been infected with an intracellular bacteria by returning villain Strepfinger. Ozzy and Drix must find a way to destroy the parasite growing within Ozzy before it spreads its infection to all of Hector. The parasite grows to monstrous proportions, exits Ozzy, and is eventually destroyed when Drix finds it is killed by pastry products. 
11 "Growth" February 1, 2003 (2003-02-01)
The Mayoral election is coming up, and Spryman's opponent, a nerdy brain cell named Sylvian Fisher, is using a secret growth formula to cause destructive unnatural growth spurts and make the Mayor look bad. Ozzy and Drix must stop this fiendish plan, which becomes more difficult when Sylvian takes the growth formula himself and becomes a raging, muscular monster. 
12 "Sugar Shock" February 8, 2003 (2003-02-08)
Hector binges on candy, creating a sugar rush that speeds up all the cells and causes the bacteria population to swell. When his parents cut him off sugar, his drop in blood sugar slows all the cells to a crawl. But the bacteria need sugar, so they form an army to raid Hector's sugar reserves. Now Drix and an extremely sleepy Ozzy, with the help of the Mole, must take on the bacterial army. 
13 "The Dream Factory" March 1, 2003 (2003-03-01)
After seeing a scary movie, Hector's terrible recurring nightmare is keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Ozzy and Drix go to the "Subconscious Network," where dreams are produced, and enter Hector's nightmare to help him face his fear. Unfortunately, whatever happens to them in the dream happens for real. 

Season 2: 2003-2004

# Title Original airdate Production code
14 "An Out of Body Experience Part 1" August 23, 2003 (2003-08-23)
Ozzy gets transferred into a girl named Christine's body when she gives Hector mouth-to-mouth after he jumps off the high dive to impress her. While there, Ozzy starts changing colors and acting like a girl and gets arrested because they think he is a virus. 
15 "An Out of Body Experience Part 2" August 30, 2003 (2003-08-30)
While Ozzy is still in Christine, using REM sleep (or Rapid Eye Movement), he calls Drix for help, and that's when he learns he's gender morphing. When a cell from a certain gender goes to a body of another gender, that cell becomes that gender. With Drix's plan, and the help of another Drixinol cold pill in Christine called "Drixina," Ozzy comes back to Hector, and keeps Christine from having pneumonia. 
16 "Lights Out!" September 6, 2003 (2003-09-06)
Everyone inside Hector forgets who Ozzy and Drix are when Hector experiences a concussion, forcing them to locate the site of the concussion, so they can reboot Hector's memories, before Hector crashes. 
17 "The Conqueror Worm" September 13, 2003 (2003-09-13)
Hector eats a barely cooked sausage and gets sick which leads him to getting two worms(probably tapeworms) in his body. The male worm is killed by Drix, but the female survives, so Ozzy tries to kill it along with a crazy captain and Drix. 
18 "Puberty Alert" September 20, 2003 (2003-09-20)
Hector discovers hair growing on his chin; the testosterone gang ties up the Mayor and wreaks havoc. 
19 "Tricky Ricardo" September 27, 2003 (2003-09-27)
After getting injured on a police case, Maria is sent home to rest for the week. She decided to use this time to work on a family reunion coming up for her. Drix notices a rip on the corner of Maria's family picture. Maria doesn't seem to want to talk about it but then Ricky comes in and starts putting the puzzle pieces together. Maria and Ricky share their past with Drix which turns out as Ricky being the family prankster. Maria lost his trust in him so Drix decides to help Ricky get it back. He allows him to be a private eye along with Ozzy with not so good results. Unfortunately, Ricky is working for Strepfinger, who plots to create a tumor out of Drix's medications. 
20 "Aunti Histamine" October 4, 2003 (2003-10-04)
Hector uses a nose spray to clear his nose, and Drix's aunt appears. Suddenly, there's a drop in water in Hector and Ozzy thinks Drix's aunt is causing it. 
21 "A Growing Cell" October 11, 2003 (2003-10-11)
Hector is super-sizing at fast-food restaurants far too much which not only makes him a little chubby, but it also gives Sticity, a bad cholesterol beatnik, the chance to kidnap a fat cell family's child, in an attempt to clog an artery. Can Ozzy and Drix (and the new navigational system, installed by Drix, named Backseat) return the huge blob to his parents in time, and can Hector stop his gut from getting any bigger? 
22 "A Cold Day in Hector" October 25, 2003 (2003-10-25)
While snowboarding with Travis, Hector crosses an off limits area. Hector starts to freeride, but falls and makes a rip in his trousers. This causes a virus named Cryle to drop Hector's temperature. Ozzy and Drix had gotten ready for a day at the beach, but now have to stop Cryle from making Hector die of hypothermia. 
23 "Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)" June 14, 2004 (2004-06-14)
When Hector accidentally breathes in lead while painting, the lead gang cause him to make him feel ill. The Mayor then makes Hector eat cereal so he can bring in The Supplements. 
24 "Double Dose (a.k.a. Ozzy & Ozzy)" June 21, 2004 (2004-06-21)
Ozzy goes into mitosis and a four armed evil clone doubles from him trying to steal the iodine that will allow Hector to grow. 
25 "Nature Calls" June 28, 2004 (2004-06-28)
Billy Bob Bile creates a detour away from the small intestine so that cells would come to his hotel. Ozzy, Drix and Maria, who are camping and forced to work at the hotel, must stop Bile before Hector's appendix bursts. 
26 "Cavities (a.k.a. Journey to the Center of the Tooth)" July 5, 2004 (2004-07-05)
Hector eats too much sugar and doesn't brush so he gets a cavity caused by General Malay, who is going to cause further pain when Hector goes to the dentist. Meanwhile, Drix must overcome his claustrophobia

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