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A standard POF Eye fitted with a semi-automatic pistol.
Type Special purpose weapon
Place of origin  Pakistan
Service history
In service 2008-present
Used by  Pakistan
Production history
Designer Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Designed 2008 [1]
Manufacturer Pakistan Ordnance Factories
Produced Late 2008-present
Variants 3 (including standard)

POF Eye is a special-purpose weapon similar in concept to CornerShot that can fire around corners. It was first revealed in the 5th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS-2008) held at Karachi Expo Centre in November 2008.[2] It is designed for SWAT teams and special forces in hostile situations usually involving terrorists and hostages. It allows its operator to both see and attack an armed target without exposing the operator to counter-attack.



The system, especially designed for urban combat, anti-terrorist operations and police SWAT operations, was developed by Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Chairman POF Board Lt Gen Syed Sabahat Husain told the visiting delegates at IDEAS 2008 that this new product of POF may meet the requirement of law enforcing agencies in order to curb the terrorist activities. The live demonstration of this gun was also shown to the delegates.[3] According to one of the designers, Ashfaq Ahmad, the overall designing and finalizing of this gun took 6 months.[1] Several domestic and international participants and delegates took keen interest in the newly introduced anti-terrorist weapon.[4] Once the weapon is put into mass production, POF would take orders for its supply to prospective local and international buyers.[5]


The POF Eye is available in several variations. It can be mounted with standard 9mm semi-automatic pistol, sub-machine gun or grenade launcher. It includes a small high-resolution camera, laser sight and a colour LCD monitor, which can observe and view a target from various vantage points. The video camera enables forces to scan an area prior to pinpointing a target and broadcast the footage directly, in real time, to the operating team behind, or to a Command Post monitor. Its head can turn 75 degrees.[1]

Similar weapons

Israel developed a similar weapon called CornerShot in late 2005.

The HD66 is a Chinese replica of CornerShot. Claimed to be a superior product to CornerShot by the PLA, it is stated to have "better man-machine interface, such as people can search the object in proper eye alignment with the Ocular displaying scope." This makes for "more combat concealment consideration than Cornershot's LCD display, which possibly exposes the shooter by the screen glisten.[6]

The Krummlauf was a bent barrel designed for the Sturmgewehr 44, which was used by the Germans in World War II. It allowed for looking and firing around corners with its 30 degree barrel and a periscope-style sight.

During one of Iran's latest gun shows, a replica CornerShot gun was observed as one of Iran's modern weaponry that is said to be mass produced in the following years. [7]

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