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PR Newswire started out in 1954 as a vendor hired by companies and agencies to send out text press releases to the media. Today, PR Newswire is hired by corporations, public relations firms and non-governmental organizations to deliver news and multimedia content. Recipients include the media, consumers and investors who access the content via the Web, RSS, e-mail, satellite, equities terminals (such as Bloomberg and Reuters), and direct feeds into newsroom editorial systems.

Public corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other nations, use PR Newswire as a method of reaching the investment and financial news community with important news and announcements, thus achieving the standard of "simultaneous disclosure" required by financial markets and regulatory agencies.

Headquartered in New York, PR Newswire has offices in 14 countries and sends news to outlets in 135 countries. The company has several brands and services that include ProfNet, eWatch, MEDIAtlas, MultiVu, U.S. Newswire, Vintage Filings, MediaRoom and MediaSense. It also has agreements with global news agencies such as Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters to send information directly to newsrooms worldwide. PR Newswire is a subsidiary of United Business Media Limited of London.



Established in New York in 1954 by Herb Muschel, PR Newswire was the first to create a system for the electronic distribution of news releases. Prior to its establishment, companies issuing press releases to the New York media had to messenger, dictate or mail individual copies of their news releases to the city’s daily newspapers and news services. With PR Newswire, companies could send a single copy of their release to PR Newswire's newsroom, where it would be simultaneously transmitted to the city's major media points.

PR Newswire was later sold to Western Union, which had provided the telecommunications lines and teleprinters that supported the service.

PR Newswire created Investors Research Wire in 1965, which disseminated corporate news releases directly to brokerage firms and financial analysts. In 1967, the company acquired the local Los Angeles wire service.

In 1972, PR Newswire began using electronic terminals for copyediting.

In 1978, the company went digital with the adoption of the Associated Press' computerized message handling and transmission system.

In 1982, the company was purchased by United Newspapers plc (today known as United Business Media Limited) of London

In 1982, PR Newswire expanded its presence through acquisitions, beginning with the purchase of Philadelphia-based Mediawire in 1983. By the end of the 1980s, many U.S. dailies and financial institutions took PR Newswire directly into their internal information systems. PR Newswire also began archiving news releases on electronic databases, including NEXIS (now LexisNexis).

In 1996, PR Newswire began releasing news directly to consumers via the Web with the launch of

In 2001, PR Newswire issued the first Multimedia News Release for Touchstone Pictures promoting the film, "Pearl Harbor." The Multimedia News Release was the first press release to include b-roll, soundbites, high resolution images, and film trailer [1]. Many refer to the Multimedia News Release as a [Social Media Press Release] or [Social Media Release].

In 2002, PR Newswire started MultiVu, its own broadcast and multimedia production company, to create and deliver video/audio news releases, multimedia news releases, satellite and radio media tours, public service announcements, electronic multimedia kits and Web video.

In October 2006, PR Newswire acquired U.S. Newswire from Medialink [2].

In February 2006, PR Newswire began adding social media links to every press release issued. PR Newswire began with and later added Digg, Reddit, Newsvine and StumbleUpon.

In January 2007, PR Newswire began including links to Technorati allowing readers to track online conversations in the blogosphere directly from press releases on[3] PR Newswire later added functionality enabling readers to blog about each press release with one click on Blogger or Wordpress.

In April 2007, PR Newswire acquired the privately held Vintage Filings company [4].

In August 2007, PR Newswire acquired Notilog [5].

In Jan 2008, PR Newswire acquired Hispanimark,LLC and its subsidiaries, Hispanic PR Wire (, LatinClips ( and Hispanic Digital Network ( [6].

In November 2008, PR Newswire acquired full rights to Xinhua PR Newswire, effectively renaming it PR Newswire Asia [7]


PR Newswire distributes news to reach mainstream outlets, over 78 categories of industry trade media, more than 4,900 Web sites and PR Newswire for Journalists, a digital media channel serving more than 85,000 registered journalists globally. PR Newswire also provides services to public companies to assist in meeting SEC and all the major exchange disclosure requirements, including distribution to key disclosure media.

PR Newswire also offers more than 688 RSS news feeds, 188 of which are public RSS feeds including geographical as well as industry/subject feeds and makes its RSS available to journalists in English, German, Spanish and French. In addition, PR Newswire also provides customers with the tools to measure the effectiveness of their media campaigns with products such as eWatch and MediaSense.

Releases delivered by PR Newswire are distributed through "newslines" -- collections of media points that have been chosen to represent coverage in a particular geographic area, industry or interest field.

Meet the Media seminars

Meet the Media is a series of seminars hosted by PR Newswire in London. These events aim to give both the speaker and the audience a unique opportunity to exchange their ideas and experiences in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Over the last years, Meet the Media has featured speakers from major UK publications such as The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, The Telegraph. Recently, Meet the Media has focused on the social media trend, inviting panels of bloggers and web 2.0 specialists. In june 2008, the first ever French Meet the Media was hosted in Paris. In september 2008, Meet the Media website was launched, with all the seminars edited online.


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