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PTJ (Counter-terrorist Unit)
PTJ emblem.png
PTJ emblem
Active Since May 7, 2003.
Country Serbia
Type Special Operations
Size Classified
HQ Lipovica
Commander Lt. Col. Goran Dragović

The PTJ (Counter-terrorist Unit) (Serbian: Против Tерористичка Jединица/Protiv Teroristička Jedinica) is a special police unit in Serbia.

As its name states, the PTJ is oriented towards anti-terror operations as well as securing and maintaining the internal security of Serbia. Often only used in such circumstances deemed too dangerous and sensitive for other police units. Highly trained and equipped the PTJ is ideal for resolving hostage situations, fight against corruption and terrorism, rescue, bomb disposal, prime security concerns (such as airport security) and many other situations where their skills are applicable.

The units within the PTJ operate with extreme professionalism and devotion to their responsibilities of defending the public from all forms of harm and crisis. This has earned the PTJ great respect throughout the world as an elite police unit among other such units as well as earning a place as one of three such special police units in Serbia.



PTJ is organized in four teams, two are specialized in the action in urban, and two for action in rural conditions. Within each team there are attack groups, each with its own specific tasks, such as the official guide dogs, sniper team, divers, experts for explosives and parachutists.


Members of these unit, to carry most tasks conducted constantly training for action in the urban, and the action in rural areas. PTJ for training has a teaching center in Petrovo Selo,Kula and Goč, with training ground and various training facilities, such as towers for climbing, training facilities for intrusion from the roof in the room through the window, the bus to training actions releasing hostages. Unit members regularly check their capabilities and physical readiness, practice shooting, all the tactical variations, under the supervision of the senior team. All results of testing knowledge and skills are evaluated and grades are an integral part of a year grades, and the highest annual score is a ticket for the first team, which are the best.


Units are equipped[1] with a vast array of specialized firearms including:Serbian-made 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm assault rifles, FAMAS, М4 rifle, submachine guns, shotguns, riot control agents, stun grenades, and high-powered rifles for marksmen (snipers). They often have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, entry tools, HMMWV vehicles and night vision optics.

Publicly known missions

In 13 actions in eight cities in Serbia,they arrest members of "Customs Mafia." Enforced criminals Sreten "Joca Amsterdam" Jocić in the Netherlands, Dejan "Bagzi" Milenković from Greece and Ridvan Rašitija (killer of BIA member) from Switzerland, and transfer Abdelmajid Bouchar,[2] a member of "Al-Qaeda" suspect for the terrorist attacks in Madrid.

Unit insignia

Trademark of the PTJ unit is the mythical griffin, which has the body of a lion, head of a eagle and wings of a dragon. The Griffin is an integral part of Serbian tradition and can be found in the monasteries of Dečani,Ravanica and Studenica, and symbolizes the protector of these worlds. PTJ members use this powerful symbol that is worn on caps and sleeve of uniforms.



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