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Pulapol KL insignia.jpg
Name Police Training Centre
Abbreviation PTC / PULAPOL
Established November 20, 1904
Type Fully-residential
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Commandant SAC II Amar Singh a/l Ishar Singh
Director of Studies

The Malaysian Police Training Centre or Pusat Latihan Polis (PULAPOL) is the oldest police academy in Malaysia. It is located in Jalan Semarak (formerly Henry Gurney Road), Kuala Lumpur. It is the place where the police is trained under the government. Learning in PULAPOL encompasses training aspect, from academic or practical. Currently, PULAPOL have 4 branches which consisted of PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Semarak, PULAPOL Ayer Hitam, Negeri Sembilan, PULAPOL Muar, Johore and PULAPOL Sarawak. The police trainees will be guaranteed to have a job and will be trained for 6 months there.


Police Training Centre was formed at November 20, 1904, resulted from a report authored by Captain Graham as the Malay States Guides container officer. Position originally was in Bluff Road where now Bukit Aman Police Headquarters. This area originally strategic Malay States Guides Command Headquarter was the former in Kuala Lumpur. Trainee intake first time in 1905 involving as many as 207 Malay trainees and 219 Indian trainees.

In environment year 1920, an effort to seek out site to build new Police Training Centre was done comes in the heels delegation development Police Force which required member increase beside hilly present centre centre position and do not own enough facilities. Even if bagaimama even this effort postpone consequence of the economic depression before it were being reviewed five years later. This effort materialized when one strategic area were identified and construction jobs have been initiated in year environment 1930. In year 1936, that construction was located in Gurney Road (Semarak Road) in continue again.

Recruits of Royal Malaysian Police with senior police officers in a shooting course, armed with HK MP5 at PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Police Training Centre in Bluff Road were moved his inaugural to Police Training Centre, Gurney Road (Semarak Road), Kuala Lumpur in the month of October, 1940 where new student intake has been made his first time to undergo basic training. Basic training which gave to these trainees are critically short then because advance of Japanese military in Malaya in 1941. Members of the police on duty in this training centre has instructed to be on duty ketempat place other to rebut enemy military attack. History record only 8 members only those stay in training centre when Malaya taken over by Japanese Imperial Army. With Malaya fall, Police Training Centre have been made into as largest Japanese Military Police Headquarters. When Japan capitulate in month August 1945, this training centre was taken over by British and were being restructured structural to make as largest training centre where can provide and give basis exercises on police management of theoretically and practical. Top leadership as Police Training Centre Commander after Japanese rule commended to Mr. J.D. Fairhead in 1945 to 1946. From the year 1946 to 1957, Police Training Centre Commander altogether is a British races.

After achieving an independence in the year 1957, Police Training Centre top leadership had changed hands of English officers to native. Malay people to the first be this Police Training Centre Commander was Sir Merican Bin Sutan. He hold this training centre on 25 November 1957 to 24 November 1959. From year 1940 to 2007, this training centre has helmed by as many as 40 Commanders. In year 1977, this institution is known as PULAPOL (Police Training Centre) and had 2,200 trainee in time singly. This institution have rather area as wide as 249.5 acres (41.6) hectare.

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