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PacWind, Inc.
Type Manufacturer
Founded 1998[1]
Headquarters Torrance, California
Products Wind turbines

PacWind, Inc. is a wind turbine manufacturing company based in Torrance, California, United States.



The company was founded in 1998,[1] and released their first patented vertical axis wind turbines in May 2006.[2][3] In 2007, they added another two models of turbines to their product lineup.[4]

In November 2008, PacWind was acquired by WePOWER, LLC. This resulted in WePOWER managing all sales, marketing and development, and PacWind focusing on simply manufacturing the turbines.[5] Since then, the original PacWind website has gone offline, and none of the original turbine designs are available for sale. The WePOWER product lineup as of the end of 2009 were the Falcon series turbines ranging from 600W to 12kW.[6]

Notable installations

On May 17, 2007, PacWind gained a large amount of publicity when TV personality Jay Leno announced that, as part of an ongoing project with Popular Mechanics, he would be having one of the 'Delta II' (10Kw) model turbines installed on the roof of his garage.[7][8]

During the "I Spy Bill Nye" episode of Living With Ed, Ed Begley, Jr. has a 'SeaHawk' (500w) model turbine installed on the roof of his house.[9]

Sixteen of PacWind's turbines were used in the design of the first eco-friendly billboard in Times Square in 2008,[10] and WePOWER is planning to have another 25 such installations by the end of 2010.[11]


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