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Paco Stanley
Spouse(s) Patricia Pedroza
Children Leslie Stanley, Francisco Stanley, Paul Stanley

Francisco "Paco" Jorge Stanley Albaitero (July 3, 1942 - June 7, 1999) was a Mexican television entertainer and a politician, member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He studied law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Paco Stanley also specialized in Psychology, Marketing and Advertising.


In 1969 he started in radio, but it was until 1974 that he participated in several programs, like XEW News. For this network he hosted the show "Smiles and Surprises", between 1988 and 1991, he worked in "Estrellas W".

After years of being a sidekick to comedians such as Madaleno, in 1995 he was offered his own show in Televisa, ¡Ándale!, with Arlette Garibay and Benito Castro. Later shows were Llévatelo and Pácatelas with Mario Bezárez.

In 1998 he hosted the show "Un poco de Paco en radio" in its comic version.

After he left Televisa, in 1998 he signed a contract with rival network TV Azteca and on December 15, he started his show called Una tras otra co-starring with Jorge Gil and Mario Bezarez. In 1999 he released his show at night "Si hay, y bien!".

Theatre was another passion for Paco and in 15 years he starred in the play "Don Juan Tenorio", in its comic version. He toured all over Mexico with this show.

Paco Stanley also liked poetry and he recorded 3 albums with his poems.

Personal life

Paco married Patricia Pedroza, whome he had two children, Leslie and Francisco Stanley Pedroza. However in an extramarital relationship Paco had a third son, Paul Stanley.


On June 7 Paco Stanley, Mario Bezarez and Jorge Gil left TV Azteca studios after their morning show "Una Tras Otra" to eat in a famous Mexican restaurant "El Charco de las Ranas" located in Periferico, Mexico City's busy beltway. When they all finished, Paco and Mario went to the restroom at the same time, while Jorge was waiting for them. Paco finished first and he told Mario that he was going to wait for him outside (in his car). While Paco, Jorge and his driver were waiting inside his black Lincoln Navigator, three subjects walked towards the car and started shooting. The assailants unloaded a high caliber firearm at his parked car, firing more than 20 rounds, killing him with 4 shots, 3 of them hitting him in the head, and wounding Jorge Gil and other bystanders.

Mario Bezarez left the restroom and he heard the gunfire. The waiters from the restaurant would not let him leave, thinking that the assailants were after him as well.

Mexico was shocked with the news of Paco Stanley's death. Mexican TV networks, Televisa and TV Azteca interrupted their programming to give out the news. In that day while the news was given out, two news anchors from TV Azteca and the president of TV Azteca Ricardo Salinas Pliego started blaming Mexico City's mayor Cuauhtemoc Cardenas of not knowing how to govern, due to the high crime rate in the city.

Paco's body was taken to Funerary Place "Agencia Gayoso" in Felix Cuevas, while the car was tolled. Jorge Gil was immediately taken to the hospital. TV news in both networks made a mistake by announcing the death of Jorge Gil due to the hysteria of what just happened. Then it was proven that Jorge was not dead but was being operated in the hospital due to his bullet wound in the leg.

Mexico City's Police Agency started the investigation of Paco Stanley's death and found a bag of cocaine in Stanley's coat. Further investigation from Police Procurator Samuel del Villar revealed that Paco Stanley had connections between show-business tycoons and drug-dealers. Paco Stanley was a close friend of Los Amezcua, drug leaders. It was found that Paco Stanley was murdered due to a "debt" of money from drugs.

Three people were detained, two of them were Paola Durante who was a hostess in Paco's show, Mario Bezarez who was Paco's best friend and "El Cholo". Witnesses declared that Mario was resentful of the jokes made about him on the show as well as Stanley's insinuation that Mario's son was actually Stanley's since the boy had blue eyes. After Mario's acquittal he was offered a less successful show on TV Azteca.

Conspiracy theories emerged, similar to those of Victor Yturbe El Piruli's case a decade earlier. Bezárez was blamed of coming to an agreement with a drug lord with whom Stanley presumably had contact with, and setting up his assassination. Some of the actions that strongly suggest this is that upon finishing their meal at the restaurant, Bezárez decided to use the restroom before leaving, suggesting that Stanley wait for him outside in the vehicle since he was going to take some time.

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