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The Pact of Italy (Patto per l'Italia) was a centrist electoral coalition in Italy, launched by Mario Segni and Mino Martinazzoli in 1994.

It was composed by the Italian People's Party and Patto Segni and finished third in the 1994 general election, after the centre-right Pole of Freedoms/Pole of Good Government and the left-wing Alliance of Progressives.

Originally also Lega Nord was to join the alliance, but Umberto Bossi finally decided to join Silvio Berlusconi's Pole of Freedoms. A different decision by Bossi would have probably produced a different political system from that Italy had since 1994.

After the election, the alliance was disbanded. The Italian People's Party suffered a split of those who wanted to join Berlusconi's centre-right (the United Christian Democrats of Rocco Buttiglione) and those who wanted to stick with the left-wing Democratic Party of the Left. Patto Segni become a much minor force and formed a joint list, within the centre-left Olive Tree coalition, with Italian Renewal and the Italian Socialists for 1996 general election


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