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Format Animation
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 5 min.
Original channel CBBC
Original run 1975 – 1986
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Paddington Bear is a series of British animated shorts based on the Paddington Bear book series by Michael Bond produced by FilmFair. This was the first television series based on the popular children's book Paddington Bear. In the United States it was usually shown on pay television as filler in between programs. Its narrator was actor Michael Hordern.

The series has a very distinctive art style. Paddington himself is a stop-motion animated puppet who moves within a 3-dimensional space and interacts with 2-dimensional animated drawings of the human characters, buildings, etc.

During the intro, the word "Bear" does not appear on screen, only "Paddington" followed by a panning shot that leads to the "bear" in question, thus the series has also been referred to as simply "Paddington".

The series, along with all other FilmFair productions is currently owned by Cookie Jar Entertainment of Canada.

Episode Listing

  • 01. Please Look After This Bear: The very first story, in which Mr and Mrs. Brown meet Paddington in a railway station, which results in his name.
  • 02. A Bear in Hot Water: Paddington arrives at the Brown household, and Judy attempts to explain how to have a bath. Paddington does not manage very well, but in spite of this, the Browns decide to keep him.
  • 03. Paddington Goes Underground: Paddington travels on the underground with Mrs.Brown and Judy, but finds himself in a spot of bother with one of the inspectors.
  • 04. A Shopping Expedition: Mrs. Brown takes Paddington to buy some clothes, but he gets lost.
  • 05. Paddington and the Old Master: Paddington's friend, Mr. Gruber, an antique dealer, shows Paddington a special type of painting called an "Old Master". Paddington then helps Mr. Brown win a painting competition.
  • 06. A Spot of Decorating
  • 07. A Family Group: Paddington takes a photo of the Browns.
  • 08. Paddington Makes a Bid: Mr. Gruber takes Paddington to an auction. Paddington accidentally buys several items, but eventually lands a terrific bargain.
  • 09. Do-It-Yourself: Paddington tries his hand at D.I.Y., making a magazine rack for Mr. Brown.
  • 10. A Disappearing Trick: It is Paddington's first birthday with the Browns, and they buy him a magic set, which he uses to entertain everyone.
  • 11. Something Nasty in the Kitchen: Mr and Mrs. Brown are ill in bed, and the rest of the family are away, which means that Paddington is in charge of running the house.
  • 12. Trouble at the Launderette
  • 13. Paddington and the Christmas Shopping
  • 14. Too Much Off the Top
  • 15. A Visit to the Dentist: Paddington goes to see the dentist.
  • 16. Paddington Cleans Up
  • 17. Trouble at No.32: Jonathan and Judy's snow surprise for their father backfires, leaving Paddington seriously ill.
  • 18. Mr. Curry Takes a Bath
  • 19. Paddington Turns Detective
  • 20. Paddington and the Cold Snap: Paddington attempts to mend Mr. Curry's frozen pipes, when the plumber, whom Mr. Curry still owes for his last job, refuses to help.
  • 21. Trouble at the Wax Works: Paddington goes on an outing with Mr. Gruber, and is mistaken for one of the statues in the museum.
  • 22. Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep
  • 23. A Sticky Time
  • 24. Paddington's Christmas: Paddington's first Christmas with the Browns is a success: he is showered with presents, and has also bought some lovely gifts for all the family.
  • 25. Paddington Hits the Jackpot: Paddington appears on a quiz show, and wins the money in a rather unorthodox way.
  • 26. Paddington Hits Out
  • 27. A Visit to the Hospital
  • 28. Paddington Recommended: Paddington is mistaken for a famous gourmet in a restaurant. He enjoys a gargantuan meal, but then has to take the consequences.
  • 29. Fortune Telling: Paddington has his fortune told by Madame Zaza.
  • 30. An Unexpected Party
  • 31. Paddington in Court: Mr. Gruber takes Paddington on an outing to the Royal Courts of Justice to watch a case. But while waiting, a misunderstanding ensues when the court nearest the bench Paddington is at call a "Mr. Brown" to the stand.
  • 32. Paddington Bakes a Cake
  • 33. A Picnic on the River: The Browns decide to go punting, but disaster strikes when Paddington is put in charge of the pole.
  • 34. Paddington's Patch: Paddington builds a rock garden.
  • 35. In and Out of Trouble: Paddington has trouble using Mr. Curry's old hammock.
  • 36. Paddington at the Tower: Mr. Gruber takes Paddington on an outing to the Tower of London on his day off.
  • 37. A Visit to the Bank
  • 38. Paddington Clears the Coach: Paddington manages to empty a restaurant car in a train by telling them that the fish they are eating is off: he misunderstood a chef's comment when he said it was off the menu.
  • 39. Picture Trouble: Paddington decides to have is picture taken at the seaside.
  • 40. Trouble at the Beach
  • 41. Keeping Fit
  • 42. Paddington in the Hot Seat
  • 43. Paddington and the Mystery Box
  • 44. Paddington's Puzzle
  • 45. Paddington Weighs In: Paddington visits a health centre.
  • 46. Paddington Takes a Snip
  • 47. A Visit to the Theatre: Paddington goes to see a play with the Browns, and lends a hand when an actor forgets his lines.
  • 48. Paddington Buys a Share
  • 49. Paddington in a Hole
  • 50. Paddington and the Finishing Touch
  • 51. Trouble in the Bargain Basement
  • 52. An Outing in the Park
  • 53. Paddington Dines Out: The Browns go out to a posh restaurant to celebrate his birthday.
  • 54. Paddington Takes the Stage
  • 55. Paddington in Touch
  • 56. Comings and Goings at No.32: Paddington's Aunt Lucy comes on visit, but trouble ensues when she goes to Barkridge's to buy Mr. Brown a thank-you present.


  • Paddington Goes To The Movies (1980)

A 21-minute special in which Paddington goes to the movies. On leaving, in the street outside complete with umbrella, he performs Gene Kelly's famous dance routine from Singin' in the Rain.

  • Paddington Goes to School (1984)

A 25-minute special in which Paddington is forced to go to school when a truant officer says that he must go since he is "of age". Includes a scene in which he performs Flight of the Bumblebee on a violin. In this episode colour has been added to all the 2-D animation and backgrounds. Paddington wears a red hat.

  • Paddington’s Birthday Bonanza (1986)

A 24-minute special in which Paddington finds himself in trouble as he becomes a one-man band to raise money to buy Mr Brown's birthday present. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan... In this episode colour has been added to all the 2-D animation and backgrounds. Paddington wears a yellow hat.

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