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Promotional poster to the Russian edition of Newsweek magazine features its chief editor Leonid Parfyonov crying Preved with the Preved bears flying on the background

Padonki (падонки, from Russian: подонок - riff-raff, scoundrel, scum) refers to a counter-culture subculture within the Russian-speaking Internet originating on (currently defunct) and, which is characterized by erratic spellings for words to make comic effect, as well as gratuitous use of profanity and a penchant for obscene subjects. The term padonki itself illustrates the trend - it's an alteration of podonki (Russian: подонки).

The language may be seen in the promotional poster for the Russian edition of Newsweek magazine.

Some of padonki's lexicon came to the Russian-speaking Internet from Russian fidonet echomail conferences TYT.BCE.HACPEM, RU.PUNK.ROCK and SU.KASCHENKO.LOCAL[1].

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