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Solomon P. Sharp

Solomon P. Sharp (1787–1825) was attorney general of Kentucky and a member of the United States Congress and the Kentucky General Assembly. His murder at the hands of Jereboam O. Beauchamp in 1825 is referred to as the Beauchamp–Sharp Tragedy or The Kentucky Tragedy. Sharp began his political career representing Warren County, Kentucky, in the Kentucky House of Representatives. He briefly served in the War of 1812, then returned to Kentucky and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1813. He was re-elected to a second term, though his support of a controversial bill regarding legislator salaries cost him his seat in 1816. Aligning himself with Kentucky's Debt Relief Party, he returned to the Kentucky House in 1817 but resigned his seat in 1821 to accept Governor John Adair's appointment to the post of Attorney General of Kentucky. In 1818, rumors surfaced that Sharp had fathered a stillborn illegitimate child with Anna Cooke. When the charges were repeated during Sharp's 1825 General Assembly campaign, he supposedly claimed that the child was a mulatto and could not have been his. Jereboam Beauchamp, who had married Cooke in 1824 and was incensed by this attack upon her honor, fatally stabbed Sharp in Sharp's home early on the morning of November 7, 1825. (more...)

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Castle Geyser

Castle Geyser, a cone geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, located in the U.S. states of Wyoming and Montana. It has a 10–12 hour eruption cycle, consisting of hot water spewing up to a height of 90 feet (27 m) for about twenty minutes, followed by a noisy steam phase (shown here) for 30–40 minutes.

Photo credit: Mila Zinkova

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Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning. We invite teachers, students, and researchers to join us in creating open educational resources and collaborative learning communities. To learn more, try a guided tour or start editing now.

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Kievitsbloem 22-04-2006 16.05.04.JPG
The Bloom Clock is a research and learning project about flowering plants. The project has both learning and research components. The learning component involves helping people identify plants by means of visual keys, such as colour. The research component is aimed at creating a language for discussing the bloom times of wildflowers and other plants that is neutral with respect to climate, region, and hemisphere. The bloom clock is the largest of a number of observational clock projects and currently comprises about 849 plants and 145 recognition keys. Individual users and classes are welcome to join this project - school classes and both amateur and professional horticulturalists are all welcome.

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Start editing, join the discussion (on the colloquium) and become part of the Wikiversity community! For real-time advice or assistance, you can join our Wikiversity's IRC channel, or our mailing list, or add learner questions on our help desk. The community portal is a listing of notices, projects, activities, guidelines and resources, and learn more about us through the history of Wikiversity.
The Carbon Cycle
Carbon cycle-cute diagram.jpeg
The Carbon Cycle: the diagram shows the storage and annual exchange of carbon between the atmosphere, hydrosphere (oceans) and geosphere (land) in gigatons of carbon. Click on the image for a full size version which you can freely re-use and modify. Print it and use it for your lessons, integrate it into your pages on Wikiversity, or use it in other learning resources and websites. Use the links below to find more images like this one.

Weather images - climate images

This image is a part of the Educational Media Awareness Campaign, raising awareness among educators about the availability and usage of millions of free internet media in education.
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At Wikiversity we are committed both to conventional learning patterns and resources, and to innovation and experimentation. Wikiversity is open to reconceptualising how web education can occur and how open educational resources can be made, and we are open to new ideas about the use of the Mediawiki environment for learning and research. Check out and help develop our learning projects and how learning works on Wikiversity, see how Wikiversity can help you, and explore how to get involved and start adding content. The sandbox server project is also a centre of learning experimentation.

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From Wikispecies



Wikispecies è un nuovo progetto sostenuto dalla Wikimedia Foundation con un grande potenziale: il suo scopo è quello di diventare un catalogo aperto e libero di tutte le specie viventi. Wikispecies coprirà i regni di animali, piante, funghi, batteri, archaea, protisti e tutte le altre forme di vita che i nostri utenti inseriranno.

"Wikispecies è libero. Perché la vita è nel pubblico dominio!"

Se avete domande su Wikispecies, non esitate a registrarvi alla mailing list del progetto.

Attualmente, Wikispecies ha 209,254 pagine.

Vedi la voce tassonomia su Wikipedia per le informazioni sulla classificazione delle specie di Linneo.
Vedi il Bar per discutere di questo progetto.
Vedi la pagina fatto e da fare per i riferimenti ad argomenti molto dettagliati ed agli obiettivi futuri.
Vedi il FAQ di Wikispecies per le risposte ai dubbi comuni.

Comunicato stampa: Passa parola

Wikispecies si sta sviluppando costantemente, ma questo è dovuto allo sforzo di un piccolo gruppo di utenti. Ora è tempo di passare parola e di attirare i naturalisti, gli appassionati di uccelli, gli scienziati di musei e di università, o i funzionari di altri siti web di tassonomia per incoraggiare lo sviluppo di Wikispecies. Tutti possono contribuire al passaparola di Wikispecies! Se vuoi usare un testo già redatto per informare altri su Wikispecies, vedi Wikispecies PR.

Navigazione tassonomica

Morpho menelaus.png

Pagina principale
Superegno Archaea
Superegno Bacteria
Superegno Eukarya
- Regno Protista
- Regno Fungi
- Regno Plantae
- Regno Animalia

Virus (non classificati)

La pagina principale in altre lingue

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Richiamo per le immagini: Wikimedia commons

La navigazione tassonomica attualmente permette l'accesso ad un numero considerevole di specie, mentre è ancora troppo presto per usare una struttura basata sui template. Ciò non è vero per le immagini: alcuni utenti hanno già cominciato a caricare alcune immagini ed il loro aiuto è molto apprezzato. Tuttavia, l'obiettivo di Wikispecies è contenere i collegamenti agli altri progetti di wiki. Per realizzare questo, consigliamo ai nostri utenti considerare la nostra guida di riferimento per le proposte di immagini in Wikispecies.

WikiSpecies e le lingue

È una caratteristica di base di tutti i progetti wiki la possibilità di fornire le informazioni in molte lingue. WikiSpecies dovrebbe seguire questo principio? Discuti sull'argomento qui.

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Wikipedia è gestita da Wikimedia, fondazione senza fini di lucro, su cui si basano diversi altri wiki progetti dal contenuto aperto e multilingue:

Coordinamento dei progetti Wikimedia
L'enciclopedia libera


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