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  • besides training its own officers, the Pakistan Naval Academy has trained over 2000 officers of allied navies including the Chief of Naval Staff of the Qatar Emiri Navy?

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The Pakistan Naval Academy (PNS Rahbar)[1] is an academy for the initial training of officers of the Pakistan Navy. It was established in Manora, in 1970. Besides training its own officers, it has also provided basic training to about 2000 officers of allied countries, including the Chief of Naval Staff of Qatar Emiri Navy.[2] Its current commandant is Commodore Muhammad Hisham.


Mission of Pakistan Naval Academy

“To impart moral, professional, educational and physical training to the cadets that imbues them with the highest ideals of integrity, duty, courage and honour in order to establish a sound base to become a proficient naval officer.” [1]

ISO of Pakistan Navy Academy

The Pakistan Naval Academy is the "the first Armed Forces Academy in the country which has been certified to the international standards of quality (ISO-9001:2000)". [1]

Quality policy of the Academy is:

"Pakistan Naval Academy aims to impart quality education and professional training to cadets that fulfill the requirement of Pakistan Navy. This is achieved through committed leadership, competent and devoted staff and progressive improvement in curriculum and training methodologies”." [1]


In 1947, after the Independence of Pakistan, the Pakistan Navy lacked the capability and expertise to train its officers. Therefore, the Pakistan Navy sent its officers to be trained at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Britain.[3] However, due to divergent operational requirements and cultural values, Pakistan was compelled to start its own training institute for its navy. In 1960, the cruiser PNS Babur was converted into Cadets Training Ship. After the outbreak of the 1965 Indo-Pak War, PNS Babur was made available for operational requirements.[2] There was now a need for a permanent institution for training navy officers. On December 1970, Pakistan Naval Academy was commissioned as PNS Rahbar at Manora.[3]


Cadets begin training by starting a year and half at the academy. They are initially taught three different disciplines:[3]

  • Humanities
  • Professional
  • Engineering

Along with this they are also taught academic, professional and technical subjects.

After passing out they are appointed to midshipmen.[4] In this phase, they go through another six months of training at sea. They are assigned to one of the four different branches including Operations, Weapon Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Logistics. After passing the final fleet examination, they are promoted to Sub-Lieutenant.


The academy is also affiliated with the following educational institutions:

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