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Paksha (Hindi: पक्ष), is a fortnight in a month of the Hindu lunar calendar. Literally meaning side or period, that is either side of the Full Moon Day or Purnima. Each month is divided into two fortnights, the period between New Moon Day and Full Moon Day is called Shukla Paksha and the second fortnight of the month is called Krishna-Paksha, or the period of the fading moon.

Other meanings

  • paksha : in Hindi/Marathi languages it also means the side, party; e.g. in politics it also means that on which side you are? that is this party or that party; or e.g. on which side you are? god believers or nonbelievers; ( opposite of Paksha here is Vipaksha)
  • paksha : in Hindi/Marathi languages it also means the end, e.g. Love and Hate are opposite ends or paksha
  • pakshik : in Hindi/Marathi languages means "Fortnightly" (a publication).
  • pakshkar : in Marathi language pakshakar means a defendant party in the court lawsuits.
  • pakshaghat : in Marathi Language, another word is Lakwa, it means Paralysis.


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