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This is a Korean name; the family name is Park.
Romi Park
Born January 22, 1972 (1972-01-22) (age 38)
Tokyo, Japan
Other name(s) Paku Romi, Park Romi
Occupation Seiyū
Japanese name
Kanji 朴璐美
Hiragana ぱく ろみ
Katakana パク・ロミ
Hepburn Paku Romi
Korean name
Hangul 박로미
Hanja 朴璐美
Revised Romanization Bak Romi
McCune-Reischauer Pak Romi

Romi Park (朴 璐美 Paku Romi?) born January 22, 1972 is a Japanese actress and seiyū of Korean descent. Born in Edogawa, Tokyo, she graduated from the Tōhō Gakuen College of Drama and Music, and studied in Yonsei University. At the first Seiyū Awards, she won "Best Main Character (female)" for her portrayal of Nana Osaki. Her most well-known roles are usually tough, calm, and mature preteen or teenage boys who are often called prodigies in their fictional universes (for example, Tao Ren, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Edward Elric, and Natsume Hyūga). Her female roles also fit the "tough/punk lady" archetype (Temari from Naruto, Nana Osaki and Teresa in Claymore).



Because the first hanja in her given name, (ro) doesn't exist as a kanji in most popular Japanese encodings like JIS X 0208, her name is usually written differently by Japanese internet users to avoid using the gaiji 璐, which may not display properly on many computers and is cumbersome to input. For example, the Japanese language Wikipedia entry writes her name as 朴ロ美. (See Japanese language and computers for more on character encoding problems.)

Voice roles

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Television animation

Television live-action

Drama CD

  • Blaue Rosen - Misaki Doujima
  • Bleach: Hanatarou's Lost Item - Tōshirō Hitsugaya
  • Bleach: The Night Before the Confusion - Tōshirō Hitsugaya
  • Gakuen Alice - Natsume Hyuuga
  • Kimi to Boku - Kirik
  • The Law of Ueki: The Law of Drama - Kousuke Ueki
  • The Law of Ueki: The Law of Radio - Kousuke Ueki
  • Amatsuki - Kuchiha
  • Digimon Adventure 02: Michi e no Armor Shinka - Ken Ichijouji
  • Digimon Adventure 02: Original Story, Summer 2003, Spring Sunlight (Haru no Hizashi) Track - Ken Ichijouji
  • Number - Toneriko Furoribanda

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