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Palingenetic ultranationalism is a theory concerning generic fascism formulated by British political theorist Roger Griffin. The key elements are that fascism can be defined by its core myth, namely that of "national rebirth" — palingenesis. Griffin argues that the unique synthesis of palingenesis and ultra-nationalism differentiates fascism from para-fascism and other revolutionary ideologies. This is what he calls the "fascist minimum" without which there is no fascism.[1]

The idea was first put forth in the 1991 book The Nature of Fascism and has been expanded in a paper titled Staging The Nation's Rebirth: The Politics and Aesthetics of Performance in the Context of Fascist Studies in the 1996 volume Fascism and Theatre.

National-Anarchism has been argued to be a syncretic political current that was developed in the 1990s by former Third Positionists to reconcile anarchism with palingenetic ultranationalism and radical environmentalism.[2]


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