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Pamela Green
Birthdate March 28, 1932 (1932-03-28) (age 77)
Birth location Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK
Hair colour Blond
Skin colour White
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Pamela Green (born 28 March 1932, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England) rose to prominence in the 1950s as an English glamour model and actress. She modeled for Zoltán Glass, Horace Roye, and John Everard.



Early in her career Pamela Green was photographed by Bill Brandt (while still at art college) and by Angus McBean. She founded Kamera with photographer Harrison Marks in 1957.[1] In 1960, she appeared in the psychological thriller Peeping Tom, directed by Michael Powell. Green’s website describes how she invented the character of Rita Landre, who intrigued Powell – he even borrowed the Parisian set Green had built in which to photograph the character. A three-page article in the first issue of Showgirl Glamour Review (1955) featured Green posing in nothing but a scarf and a belt. In the same issue was a photograph of Green disguised as Landre, in the same belt but a longer scarf. A short article (‘High-powered Rita’) with the picture described 'top-line glamour model' Landre’s circus background.[2] When the film was released, a nude shot of Green had to be cut after protests from Local Watch Committees in various towns before its scheduled screening,[3] but in 1979 she was rediscovered by a new generation of fans when it was shown in its original version at the 1979 New York Film Festival, through the efforts of Martin Scorsese.[4]

Personal life

After dissolving the partnership with Harrison Marks in 1967, Pamela Green moved to the Isle of Wight with Douglas Webb, one of the Dambusters and a photographer, with whom she made more photographs. Pamela started figure modelling to pay for her art school studies and moved on to photographic modelling because it paid more.

She was responsible for staging and props and costumes, choosing and training other models, as well as modelling herself. She was the main initiator and business organizer of Kamera and its successors. She is also an accomplished painter and classical pianist.


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