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The Conferences of American States, commonly referred to as the Pan-American Conferences, were meetings of the Pan-American Union, an international organization for cooperation on trade and other issues. They were first introduced by James G. Blaine of Maine in order to establish closer ties between the United States and its southern neighbors, specifically Latin America. Blaine hoped that ties between the USA and its southern counterparts would open Latin American markets to U.S. trade. International summits have been held in the following cities:

Dates / Year City
2 Oct 1889 - Apr 1890 Washington
(First International Conference of American States)
1902 Mexico City (2nd)
1906 Rio de Janeiro (3rd)
1910 Buenos Aires (4th)
25-?? Mar 1923 Santiago (5th)
Jan- Feb 1928 Havana (6th)
Dec 1933 Montevideo (7th)
24 Dec 1938 Lima (8th)
Apr 1948 Bogota (9th)
1-30 Mar 1954 Caracas (10th)
Feb 1960 Quito (11th)
1967 Buenos Aires
1985 Cartagena de Indias
Dec 1994 Miami
1996 Santa Cruz de la Sierra
1998 Santiago
2001 Québec City

The Conferences trace their origins back to earlier Pan-American summits held as follows:

Dates / Year City
22 Jun 1826 Panama City
Congress of Panama
Dec 1847- 1 Mar 1848 Lima
Sep 1856 Santiago
Nov 1864 Lima

The 9th Pan-American Conference was led by General George C. Marshall, in which the Organization of American States was created.

The Pan-American Students Conference was a student conference held in Bogotá, Colombia, in April 1948. The conference was organized by Argentine president Juan Domingo Perón to protest U.S. domination of the western hemisphere. The conference was attended by Fidel Castro.

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