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Pane, derived from Latin noun "panis", is the italian word for bread; derived from the verb "to feed or nourish"

Pane may also refer to:

  • Pane Hawaiian form of the name Fanny
  • Paned window, a window that is divided into sections known as "panes"
  • Pane (mythology), a type of satyr-like creature from Greek mythology
  • PANES, Persistent Adverse Neurological Effects (following SSRI discontinuation)

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PANE (Fr. pan, Lat. pannus, a cloth, garment), originally a piece of cloth, especially one of a number of pieces of cloth or other material joined to form one piece for a garment; the word is thus also applied to the "slashes" in the material of a dress made to show a rich lining or the colour of a lining when different from the outer side of the garment. In this sense the word only survives in English in "counterpane," an outer coverlet for a bed. "Pane" is used frequently for the flat side of anything, especially in diamond-cutting of the sides to the "table" of a brilliant, or to the faces of a bolt nut or hammer-head. The most common use of the word now is that of a piece of glass filling a compartment in a window. In architecture the 'word is also applied to a bay of a window, compartment of a partition, side of a tower, turret, &c. (See BAY and HALF-TIMBER WORK.)

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See also pane, and páne




English Fanny.

Proper noun


  1. A female given name.


  • Mary Kawena Pukui - Samuel H. Elbert, Hawaiian Dictionary, University of Hawaii Press 1971, page 185
  • Hawaii State Archives: Marriage records Pane occurs in 19th century marriage records as the only name of 5 women and 1 man.


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