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In graphical computer software a panel is :

Panels in Widget Toolkits

Panels in Widget toolkits often have no specific graphic characteristics, but are mainly used to group children widgets together. They allow to have a better control on the layout of the widgets.

For example, in this XUL definition, two horizontal hbox panels are enclosed in a vertical vbox panel, alongside with two buttons. This allows to be sure that the label and the textboxes for the Login and the Password fields are correctly aligned.

    <label control="login" value="Login:"/>
    <textbox id="wikipedia_login"/>
    <label control="pass" value="Password:"/>
    <textbox id="wikipedia_pass"/>
  <button id="wikipedia_ok" label="OK"/>
  <button id="wikipedia_cancel" label="Cancel"/>

XUL Example

See also

  • Layout managers, used in Widget toolkits, are software components which have the ability to layout widgets by their relative positions without using distance units.


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