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Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Directed by Michael D. Moore
James A. Rosenberger (Ass't)
Produced by Hal B. Wallis
Written by Anthony Lawrence
Allan Weiss
Starring Elvis Presley
Suzanna Leigh
James Shigeta
Music by various
Cinematography W. Wallace Kelley
Editing by Warren Low
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) June 9, 1966
Running time 91 min.
Language English
Preceded by Frankie and Johnny
Followed by Spinout

Paradise, Hawaiian Style is a 1966 music comedy film starring Elvis Presley. It was the third and final motion picture that Presley filmed in Hawaii.



Rick Richards (Presley) returns to his home in Hawaii after being fired from his job as an airline pilot. He and his buddy Danny Kohana (James Shigeta) go into the helicopter charter business together. But Rick's reckless flying and his careless negotiations with local women may cost Rick the business and Danny his home.

Disaster looms as Danny becomes overdue on a flight after Rick has been grounded by government officials. Rick must decide if he should risk losing his license forever by going to look for his friend.

Primary cast


Paradise, Hawaiian Style
Soundtrack by Elvis Presley
Released June 10, 1966
Recorded August 1965
Elvis Presley chronology
Frankie and Johnny (1966 film)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Recorded in late July and early August 1965 at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, California, the music album was released to coincide with that of the motion picture. The album's closing track, "Sand Castles", was recorded for the film but not used; it was included on the album as a "bonus track".


Recording musicians

Tracks (songwriter)

Side 1:

  1. Paradise Hawaiian Style - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  2. Queenie Wahine's Papaya - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  3. Scratch My Back (Then I'll Scratch Yours) - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  4. Drums Of The Islands - (Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett)
  5. Datin' - (Fred Wise & Randy Starr)

Side 2:

  1. Dog's Life - (Ben Weisman & Sid Wayne)
  2. House Of Sand - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  3. Stop Where You Are - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  4. This Is My Heaven - (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  5. Sand Castles - (David Hess & H. Goldberg)


  • Presley and the crew spent a lot of time at the Polynesian Cultural Center during filming, which was the location for the Drums of the Islands production number. They developed a close relationship with the staff, most of whom were students at the nearby Brigham Young University Hawaii campus. When one commented that the actress working alongside Presley for these scenes originally was wearing an outfit which was somewhat more revealing than those worn by the actual hostesses, Presley ordered the costume to be changed to one more appropriate.
  • When it was time for Presley and the crew to leave PCC, they held a special, private luau to bid goodbye. At the end, dozens of the staff took off their leis, placing them around Presley's neck and shoulders. There were many tears, both in the staff and in the movie crew, including Presley. As they left, one of his assistants moved to take the hot, massive bunch of flowers, but Presley refused, wearing them all until returning to his hotel, an hour away on the south side of Oahu.
  • As a result of this relationship, the end title sequence gives a special thanks to the people at PCC.
  • Many consider this the worst of Presley's films. What isn't in question, however, is the star's condition; he appears notably overweight, tired and removed from the proceedings. Nevertheless, the film still maintains a small following, partly due to the footage of 1960's Hawaii contained in the film.
  • This film is notable as the only record of Presley uttering the phrase, "Doggie Yum Yums".
  • Allegedly there were rumours that the film would feature a cameo appearance from The Beatles. This rumour was baseless, but probably came about because the minor British band Herman's Hermits were performing a concert in Hawaii while filming was taking place. Lead singer Peter Noone was given the opportunity to briefly 'interview' Elvis for a radio broadcast.

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