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Paradise Hotel
Genre Reality
Presented by Amanda Byram
Starring Alex Van Camp
Kristin Ellis
Kavita Channe
Matthew Cehe
Amanda Dominguez
Desiree Boyd
Toni Ferrari
Keith Cuda
Andon Guenther
Dave Kerpen
Beau Wolf
Charla Philstrom
Melanie Barger
Holly Pastor
Tara Gerard
Zack Stewart
Amy Toliver
Scott Hanson
Tom Rodriguez
Narrated by Mark Thompson
Theme music composer Eddie Money
Opening theme Two Tickets to Paradise
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 30
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Fox
Original run 02010-06-18 June 18 – October 1, 2003 (2003-10-01)
Followed by Paradise Hotel 2
Related shows Forever Eden

Paradise Hotel is an American reality television program that aired on Fox in 2003, MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality Channel in 2008. In the show, a group of single people live in a luxurious hotel resort, competing to see who can stay in the hotel the longest. Periodically, someone is removed from the show, and others are brought in to replace them. Each week couples pair off and must share a hotel room together. One person is left over, and he or she has to leave. That person is then replaced the following episode. The format was created by Mentorn, a UK production company, which has produced various versions of the show around the world.


Season 1

Paradise Hotel
Season 1 (2003)
Name Entered Exited      
Charla Ep 1 Finale
Keith Ep 11 Finale
Tara Ep 9 Finale
Dave Ep 2 Finale
Scott Ep 1 Ep 29
Holly Ep 13 Ep 29
Amy Ep 1 Ep 27
Beau Ep 1-21 Ep 16-26
Tom Ep 15 Ep 26
Desiree Ep 17 Ep 25
Melanie Ep 1-21 Ep 2-25
Alex Ep 1 Ep 20
Kristin Ep 1 Ep 18
Toni Ep 1 Ep 14
Zack Ep 1 Ep 12
Amanda Ep 1 Ep 10
Matthew Ep 7 Ep 8
Kavita Ep 3 Ep 4
Andon Ep 1 Ep 3

The first season of Paradise Hotel aired on Fox from June 18, 2003 to October 1, 2003 with thirty episodes and was hosted by Amanda Byram. Paradise Hotel became a summer hit in the US, and a similar show called Forever Eden was produced the following year, but didn't achieve the level of success that Paradise Hotel had received. A second season followed four years later on MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality Channel, both of which are sister networks to Fox. It was speculated that Fox didn't bring Paradise Hotel back for a second season was due to the difficulty of selling advertising spots during the show.

The winners of the first season were Charla Pihlstrom and Keith Cuda with Dave Kerpen and Tara Gerard finishing as the runner-ups. In the finale Charla and Keith won $250,000, but had to decide whether to split it with their partners. Keith decided to split it with Tara Gerard while Charla chose to keep the money for herself and Dave received nothing.

Season 2

International Versions

Israeli version

The Israeli version premiered in September 2008 and aired on Channel 2 entitled מפרץ האהבה (The Bay of Love).

Danish versions

The Danish version of Paradise Hotel premiered in September 2005 and is aired on TV3. Its sixth season started in February 2010.

Swedish version

The Swedish version aired on TV4 in 2005 and 2006. A third season aired on TV6 in 2009-2010.

Norwegian version

The Norwegian version was recorded in January and February 2009 and premiered in March on TV3. It was hosted by glamour model Triana Iglesias. Winners of the first season were Petter Pilgaard and Benedicte Valen and the prize was NOK 300,000 (about US $50,000) shared between the couple.

The second season began airing in March 2010.

Dutch version

The Dutch version aired on the Dutch TV channel Veronica in September 2005.

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