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Paradiso Girls

The Paradiso Girls performing @ The Party Rock Tour.
Background information
Origin London, Paris, United States
Genres Pop, Dance, Club, Rock
Years active 2007-present
Labels Interscope, music group
Associated acts Girlicious, Pussycat Dolls, LMFAO, Robin Antin, Space Cowboy
Aria Crescendo (2007 - present)
Lauren Bennett (2007 - present)
Kelly Beckett (2007 - present)
Shar Mae Amor (2007 - present)
Chelsea Korka (2008 - present)
Former members
Mariela Arteaga (2007)
Sisely Treasure (2007)
Brittany Diiorio (2007)

The Paradiso Girls is a girl group and the brainchild of Jimmy Iovine's attempt to create a European spin-off to their predecessors, The Pussycat Dolls. However, due to their unique musical influences and having no lead singer, they are branded as the "modern" version of the Spice Girls.

As of their inception in 2007 they were a septet, but in 2008 they became a quintet as Mariela, Sisely and Brittany departed from the group and new member, Chelsea joined; hailing from different countries; Chelsea Korka from United States, Aria Crescendo from France, Lauren Bennett from United Kingdom, Kelly Beckett from Barbados and Shar Mae Amor from the Philippines.

They are currently signed to music group/Interscope Records.[1] Their debut single "Patron Tequila" featuring Lil’ Jon and Eve was released on May 12, 2009, and has reached position 3 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.[2] Their debut album Crazy Horse is expected to be released in early 2010.



2007-2008: The Casting Call

After meeting French singer, former Star Academy yoga teacher, Aria Crescendo, Jimmy Iovine, owner of Interscope Records, decided to create a new girl group. Together with Robin Antin, Martin Kierszenbaum and,[3] they auditioned over 500 girls in London, casting singer Lauren Bennett,[4] rapper/singer, Shar Mae Amor.[5] as well as DJ Kelly Beckett.[6][7] They all auditioned for Talent Show X-Factor and when Simon Cowell watched some audition tapes from the versions of the show he contacted Jimmy Lovine and told him he had three girls who could be the next big thing. The three were afterwards cast as members along with Aria, making them a quartet initially. Each girl represents a country and the group has no lead singer, unlike the Pussycat Dolls.[8] The quartet was then featured in a remix of "I Got It from My Mama" by with Aria having a singing part.

2008-2009: Korka's Issues and Debut Album Production

The group's original lineup was a quartet, until eight months later, Chelsea Korka "crashed" a rehearsal and was found to fit with the group, which she eventually joined.[6] However, following their appearances on Antin's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll, contestants Mariela Arteaga, Brittany Diiorio, and Sisely Treasure were also added to the lineup. The new group was featured on video montages showing them rehearsing with the five members of the group in a studio with Antin performing a song entitled "Whos My Bitch" (a cover of "Habanera" from Carmen) which was uploaded on Youtube. Unfortunately, Arteaga, Diirio and Treasure only joined the group briefly and they all eventually left even before their eight-woman lineup was finalized.[9] The group was then first revealed by Korka and Antin at CW Upfronts 2007.[10]

In 2008, the group, which was now a quintet, recorded a song entitled "W.O.W." which was used in a Coca Cola commercial.[11] During that time, band members Lauren and Kelly also modeled for Antin's lingerie line Shhh!

On August 2008, various videos of the girls rehearsing new material were uploaded on Youtube. One video showed them dancing to a song called "Unpredictable"[12] while another featured them rehearsing to a song named "DJ".[13]

By September 2008, Chelsea Korka had released messages from her myspace account saying that her position in the group was jeopardized due to contractual issues between her and Interscope. Although Korka had already started recording with the Paradiso Girls on studios in Los Angeles and Australia, she further announced of her plans of releasing her solo album in the future. This was followed by the release of her two songs on her myspace site: "Give Me A Sign" and "Better Than"(even though the songs were recorded when she was 15 years old).[14] This led to greater doubt as to whether she will continue with the group or leave.

Finally on October 2008 Korka had confirmed per her myspace page that she had resolved her contractual issues with the Paradiso Girls and would remain with them. She further stated that her focus was with the Paradiso Girls and plans for a solo move were not considered at the moment. Following this, the group resumed production for their upcoming debut album.

2009-present: Crazy Horse, Touring and Collaborations

After two years of production, the group finally managed to release their first official single, "Patron Tequila" featuring Eve and Lil' Jon on iTunes on April 14, 2009. The song was released as the lead single from their long-anticipated debut album entitled Crazy Horse. The album includes production from Cee-Lo Green, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Sean Garrett, Fernando Garibay, Stereotypes and Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am and is set to be released in early 2010.

Snippets of songs "So Over",[15] "Down"[16] and "Unpredictable"[17] were uploaded on Youtube, which will all be included on their album. The song "That's Just What I Like" which features guest vocals from Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am leaked onto the internet, which gained mostly positive reviews from critics and fans.[18] The leak was unexpected, leading to speculations that the girls will be forced to release it as a single in the future, though this was never confirmed by the girls nor their record label. The girls would go on with adding the song to their tour setlists along with other unreleased songs expected to appear on their debut album.

While promoting, they also did collaborations with various artists; the group was featured on Space Cowboy's music video for his song "Falling Down" with Chelsea receiving vocal credits as well as on the remix to Space Cowboy's song "I Came 2 Party" with Cinema Bizarre and Far East Movement.[19]

They have been taking part in numerous events to promote their upcoming album, Crazy Horse, performing "Who's My Bitch" and "Unpredictable".[6][20][21] They have also taken part in the NowNewNext concert series live at the Six Flags.[22] and are touring along with LMFAO, Shwayze, Far East Movement and Space Cowboy on the Party Rock Tour.[23] During the tour, Chelsea and Lauren were featured in a performance by Matt Goss at the Gossy Room in Las Vegas.[24] Their tour appearances saw them perform new songs expected to be appearing on their long awaited debut album, including "DJ" and "Boys Go Crazy".

Their song "Boys Go Crazy" also leaked onto the internet, surfacing as a video upload on Youtube. It was somehow positively welcomed by the girls themselves, unlike the previous leakage of "That's Just What I Like", and Aria claimed that the leaked version was different from the version that was included in the album. Again, it was speculated that the song will be given a single release in the future but is also not confirmed.

The next single to be released (after ten months of non-releases and touring) will be "Who's My Bitch". The release was confirmed by the girls and a music video for the song is expected to be released anytime soon, though no official confirmation is issued as to the song will be released first followed by the video, or vice versa.

Also, the album release is still tentatively scheduled on April/May, following the release of their second single.

A 1-minute snippet of Aria's solo song entitled "Big Ponny" was uploaded on Youtube last February 27, 2010. [25] Following this, a new song recorded by the girls entitled "Boys and Girls" surfaced the internet on March 14, 2010. [26] The song was produced by Fernando Garibay and The-Dream.


Confirmed tracks

Note: All confirmed songs has been stated on their official website [27]
There is no confirmation whether Shar and Kelly will have solo songs in the album.

Other recorded tracks

Solo Endeavors


Chelsea is still pursuing her solo career and getting into movies. She has been vocally featured in "Falling Down" performed by Space Cowboy[28] and "I Came 2 Party" with Lauren & FarEastMovement performed by Space Cowboy.[29] She was also featured in LMFAO's video "La La La".[30]Chelsea can also be heard doing background vocals for Britney Spears's song Amnesia, which is a bonus track on her album Circus/


Aria was featured in Valeria's song "Girl I Told Ya".[31] She has also featured in a remix of Shwayze's single "Get U Home" and she recently did a cover for the song "Almost Lover" by Fine Frenzy. She is also writing and recording solo music, although no release's will happen.


Lauren is getting ready to open her very own photography website. She has posted several pictures on her twitter. The site will open soon. She has also recorded a song "Empty Frames" and also featured on a remix of "I Came 2 Party" with Chelsea.


Shar has previously been in various girlbands. Her first, "Charli", recorded a song and a music video, but they didn't fully complete an album. Her second, "The Cover Girls", auditioned on The X-Factor and impressed Simon Cowell, but they didn't make it further than the Boot Camp. She has been in other bands, although these are not known.


Kelly was signed straight out of college by Simon Fuller and 19 Management to host a kids’ TV show “S Club TV” [3] and performed with Jennifer Lopez as a stage singer for MTV. Beckett also played the role of Toppa in BBC’s television series “Blessed”.[4] In addition, Beckett appeared in commercials for McDonald's, Burger King, K-Swiss shoes, Vespa scooters, and Skittles.

Other endeavours and appearances

The group has been featured in multiple publications and websites including YRB magazine,[32] Predicto TV,[33] Young Hollywood,[34] DList Magazine,[35] Rap-Up,[36] KTLA,[37] The Complex,[38] Gunaxin[39] and the December issue of Maxim.[40] They have also modeled for Beats By Dre.[41][42]

Their TV appearances include The Logo Awards[43] and MTV's Styl'd.[44]



Year Title Chart positions Sales and certifications
2010 Crazy Horse -
  • Worldwide sales:


Year Single Chart Positions Album
US US Dance
2009 "Patron Tequila" - 3 Crazy Horse
2010 "Who's My Bitch" TBR TBR


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