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Paraganglion of Gallbladder.jpg
Paraganglion of Gallbladder
Gray's subject #277 1277

The paraganglia (or chromaffin bodies) are small groups of chromaphil cells connected with the ganglia of the sympathetic trunk and the ganglia of the celiac, renal, suprarenal, aortic and hypogastric plexuses. They are concentrated near the suprarenal glands and essentially function the same way as the suprarenal medulla.

They are sometimes found in connection with the ganglia of other sympathetic plexuses.

None have been found with the sympathetic ganglia associated with the branches of the trigeminal nerve.

Nonchromaffin paraganglia include aortic bodies and the carotid body.[1]


Paraganglioma is pheochromocytoma of the paraganglia.


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