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Paranormal Entity
Directed by Shane van Dyke
Produced by N/A
Written by N/A
Starring Shane van Dyke
Erin Marie Hogan
Fia Perera
Cinematography N/A
Distributed by The Asylum
Release date(s) December 22, 2009
Running time 90 mins
Country  United States
Language English

Paranormal Entity is a 2009 horror film produced by The Asylum. It is one of many films dubbed as a "mockbuster", a film designed to capitalize on higher budget films; Paranormal Entity is a mockbuster of the successful low-budget horror film Paranormal Activity.



The film's entry is a fictionalized surveillance film regarding the death of a woman named Samantha Finley. The website gives no direction, writing or cinematography credits, all of which are marked as N/A[1]. The film is presented as real footage seen by the public when the family agreed to prove Thomas's innocence.


Samantha Finley, played by Ellen Marie Hogan, a teenager, Thomas Finley, her older brother, and Cindy Finley their mother are a family who have lost their father David. Ellen tries to contact her husband by writing to him, and is overjoyed to receive a written response. Soon the family claims that a ghostly entity is haunting them. At first they think it is their father/husband David, but after a series of horrible events that happen to Samantha they begin to suspect otherwise.

One night the camera records Ellen sitting up in her bed and leaving her bedroom. She is then seen walking into the living room and kneeling at the coffee table where she writes something on a piece of paper. Ellen stands up, crumples the paper and walks back down the hallway. Thomas finds the paper in Samantha's bedroom, and opens it to see that the writing spells out the word MARON. Thomas suggests that Ellen and Samantha stay at a hotel to see what happens.

The women reluctantly leave and that night, Thomas rummages through a toolbox and finds three bells and some thin wire. On the archway outside his bedroom, the living room and dining room arches he sets up traps, meaning that should the entity try and walk into the room, the bells on the wire will jingle. Soon, a bell jingles, Thomas investigates and the wire and bell outside his door are ripped from the wall and thrown at him. Thomas shuts himself in the bedroom, where the entity bangs on his door.

As the banging stops, Thomas receives a phone call from Ellen, who is in hysterics after the entity followed them and attacked Samantha. Upon arriving back at the house, Samantha is hunched over and looking in pain. When Ellen explains she says that it looked like something was holding Samantha's arms before dragging her off the bed.

Thomas awakens at night and finds Samantha missing and sees the front door open. He looks outside but cannot find her. He later finds the attic ladder hanging down, and ascends it to find her standing in her underwear. She breaks out of her stupor and becomes visibly frightened and confused, before following him downstairs. Later, Samantha is unable to recall anything from that night.

The following night, Thomas calls the previous owner of the house, asking if anyone under the name of Maron ever lived or died in their home, the woman doesn't know anyone named Maron. Soon after the phone call, Thomas hears Samantha screaming, he rushes to the bathroom to find her in the pain, rigid. It is unclear what is happening, but Thomas clearly has trouble pulling her out of the bath.

Ellen wakes after hearing thuds from outside. In the living room camera she is seen to stand in the archway for a few minutes before disappearing back into her bedroom. Thomas later wakes up, after hearing a door slam shut, and finds that Ellen has slit her wrists, weapon still in hand. She is then taken to the hospital. Thomas and Sam are left at home when a doctor or paranormal expert arrives and walks through the residence. He explains that there is an entity in the home and it wants Samantha. The doctor explains that the entity was allowed entry into the home by Thomas and Sam's mother, who was attempting to contact the spirit of their dead father. Thomas gives the Doctor the note his mother wrote in her sleep bearing the name "MARON", and explains that "maron" is Old Germanic for "nightmare" and is similar to a incubus that has targeted Samantha.

The doctor agrees to help them extract the entity when the tape fades to black. When the footage returns to view, the camera is lying on the floor with the doctor's bleeding body and face in view, and Thomas is heard panicking. Thomas grabs the camera after hearing Samantha screaming in agony and runs to her bedroom. We see that the house is in total disarray. Thomas finds Samantha levitating above the floor in her bedroom naked, covered in blood while being attacked by some invisible force. Thomas drops the camera and tries to help her. A gurgling noise is heard off-screen, and an unseen figure picks up the camera and focuses it on Samantha's face.


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