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In 1967 a team of 4 men has been send secretly via Iran to Israel by Mustafa Barzani. The 4 were Masoud Barzani, Sami Abdulrahman, Shekh Mohammad Harsin and shakib Akrawi. They toke part in a intensive training by Israily Mossad. The idea was to learn establish a Kurdish inteligent agency, later caled Parastin.

Parastin (Kurdish for protection[1]) is a government agency and the primary investigative arm belonging to the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.[2] The organization was first established in 1968 by the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq. It has been sometimes referred to as a "Kurdish intelligence service".[3] The primary function of the agency is investigation of crimes relating to both the internal and external security of the Kurdistan region.[4] The agency officially has no power to arrest or detain but shares intelligence with the Kurdistan intelligence agency, Asayish, which holds jurisdiction over a number of crimes in the region including terrorism.[5]

Although founded and funded by the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq.It officially acts under the command of the Kurdistan Regional Government.[6]


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